Vedic Maths Franchise offers teachers training to start and teach from their own center online or offline. Support is given in academic training, material, and marketing for new admissions.

About Vedic Maths Franchise

Vedic Maths Franchise is helping excellently budding educational entrepreneurs to set up their business in the field of maths education. The program has become famous all over the world, as it eliminates maths fear among children and teachers earn excellently by working from home. It offers solutions to solve difficult math problems in such a simple and easy way that those complex math calculations can be solved in a fraction of a second. It has helped millions in developing their arithmetic calculation skills.

Vedic Maths Franchise offers Teaching Entrepreneurs the opportunity to teach and earn well. It can be joined by housewives, College students, Tuition Centers, Preschools, Graduates & Post Graduates. Vedic Maths is an ancient system of calculation with several methods to calculate faster. These methods cover the Vedic maths syllabus that is generally focused on speed-building techniques, in Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Squares, Square Roots, Cubes, Cube Roots, Percentages, Fractions, and so on. Vedic Maths is the system of solving mathematical tasks with several time-saving techniques. It is one of the ancient styles of solving problems. The Vedic Maths system of learning was developed by Shri Bharti Krishna Tirathji who is also called the Father of Vedic Maths. He wrote in the book in early 1900s Vedic Mathematics. With these methods, difficult maths problems can be solved in the shortest period of time and Winaum Learning provides the best services when it comes to Vedic maths. 

Advantages of Vedic Maths

Advantages of Vedic Maths Franchise

Change the Lives of Students

By developing calculative skills among students , Vedic Maths helps them score higher in maths exams nad math olympiads

Highly Rewarding

Teachers are handsomely rewarded in schools with recognition and beyond by strengthening the system of education in school and beyond.

Vedic Math Teachers Can easily start their online and offline centers

Start your Center

One can start and earn higher by teaching Vedic Maths as there is a huge demand across the world for it.

Benefits of Vedic Maths Franchise

Most of the business to start with are highly capital intensive. However this program require very low investment and can be easily started from home only. 

The duration of teacher training for the program  is only 15 hours. This implies that it can be started in a few days only.

The returns on the investment is very high. Almost every third child in the class has problems of slow calculation and hence there is huge demand of vedic maths skills in the market as it helps kids to solve the math calculations faster. 

Teaching does not necessarily requires to be taught by making huge commercial property investment. It can be easily taught at home in small batches or online. Online medium is getting very popular nowadays as social distancing has become important for safety.

Education is one area of business which is always be in demand and is never impacted by change of business cycles. 

The training to the teachers are given by the experts in the field .  Learning from the experts help teachers do their jobs better when they teach the kids. Our trainers go into each and every detail when the teachers are trained. Only a well trained teacher can ensure quality learning out of the student.

Benefits of Vedic Maths

Vedic Maths has 16 sutras and 13 sub sutras. Sutra means techniques or methods through which complex mathematical calculations can be done in an easy manner. It enhances the calculative ability of a person.  Whether a child or an adult, once they undergo learning of mathematics in the Vedic way their calculations become very strong. Vedic maths is very useful to the learners and millions of students across the world have taken benefit of Vedic Maths. 

It has several methods to do  math calculations quickly with  shortcut methods which are  generally done in long way with a lot of steps and consuming more time. These different methods of Vedic Maths are quite simple which can be easily comprehended by the students and easy to practice. 

Students do a lot of rough work using conventional methods. The methods used here helps them to reduce their rough work and they can do it faster. For example there are techniques in multiplication in children can do double digit or triple digit multiplications in single steps and answers can be get in just one line 

When the students appear in olympiads or entrance tests, they have to do a lot of questions in less time period. For each question time available is a few seconds. Knowing the techniques of Vedic Maths, children can save time while attempting each question. The result is that they get more time to revise the test and score better.

When trained in calculative ability in Vedic Learning for Maths, students appear in maths tests and olympiads with more speed and accuracy. Hence students generally score high in Olympiads and Competitions .

Once the student knows Vedic ways to do maths, they develop deeper understanding  on the subject and can apply the knowledge more effectively in exams, olympiads and also in practical life.

There is always flexibility when it comes to solving equations or mathematical issues. There is no over dependence on calculators.

Why Join Vedic Maths with Winaum Learning

The competition is continuously growing among students and Vedic Maths is coming as a blessing for them. It reduces their rough work and increases their speed of calculation. The skills of Vedic Maths can be attained in a short span of time. Vedic Math Franchise of Winaum Learning get the following benefits:-

  • Reasonable Investment
  • Presence in several states in India.
  • Contributing to students in India, US, Canada,  Belgium, Netherlands, Australia…..
  • Appreciated by School principals, teachers, correspondents & parents.
  • Expert Training
  • Continuous Support

Maths Problem in India

As per the report released by the NGO Pratham called as ASER 2014, only 26.3% of std III children could do a two digit subtraction. Only 26.1% of children in Std V could do division. And in 2014 only 44.1% in std VIII could do a three digit by one digit division problem. The importance of maths is well known in all the fields whether it is engineering field, finance, real estate, IT or artificial intelligence.

Vedic Maths offers  a great solution where one learn to calculate faster and acquire the skills in a short period of time. Hence ,they can then apply the concepts learnt in the school tests and exams. The can also apply these concepts in olympiads and competitions like IMCIMO, SAT, GMAT, JEE MAIN, NEET and the likes. Get tips on how to be successful in maths exams and olympiads, click here.

Two types of Business Models

Winaum Learning is continuously working in both the online and offline models and have been able to take maths education to India and across the world. The center of this model is in Gurgaon, India.  The Vedic Maths Classes are taken by teachers from their center or teaching online from home. Therefore, the Vedic Maths Franchise team works together to take this great learning to different parts of India and the world. 

 Online Model Advantages:

  • Students can learn from the comfort of their home
  • Teachers can Vedic Maths Classes from home
  • Parents are able to save time and money for pick up and drop off.
  • It also ensures a great safety and security for children.
  • Since children are taught in small batches, the learning outcome of students are excellent.
  • Franchises are able to save the costs like rent of premises and other setup and infrastructure cost.
  • This results in better profit margins to the franchise.

Offline Model Advantages:

  • Teachers work from home
  • They save on infrastructure costs
  • They get the marketing material like leaflets, banners , posters and the books and other merchandise for students.

Franchise Process

The candidate who wants to apply for the program sends his/her profile to us. After receiving the details from the candidate , the entire briefing of the program is done and the details are also sent.

The franchise completes the documentation and the registration.

The training which comprises of two main aspects- Academic and Marketing is given to the franchise online.

The franchise starts the marketing under the guidance of the organizations. This is the time to reach out to his target audience which are parents.

Admission Process of students starts.The batches are created and teaching begins.

About Winaum Learning

Winaum Learning offers handwriting and maths programs. Under the banner of Maplemaths, it offers Vedic Maths and Grow with Maths to develop mathematics skills of students. Winaum Learning started in the year 2013. It was founded by Manjusha Sehra and since then the organization has been conducting several workshops in different schools across the country to students and teachers and spreading skills of Handwriting and  Maths skills with Grow with maths program and the Vedic Maths Teaching  based on the works of Tirathji.

Why Winaum Learning

Training from Vedic Math Trained and Expert Faculty

Training from Experts

students in the class can clear there doubts instantly

Instant Doubt Clearing

Small Batches for Classes

Small Batches for Grade 1 to Grade 9

Students are taught from trained and expert teachers

Continuous Revisions

Online Classes that Live and Interactive

Online| Live| Interactive Sessions

Students score higher with Classes at Winaum Learning

Excel in Math Olympiad & School Exams

Vedic Maths Classes in Peterborough, Ontario helps in faster calculations for kids

Book a Free Trial for Vedic Maths

What parents have to say

"My child Ishika is part of Winaum Learning Vedic Maths Program and she has developed great mental maths skills. Their way of teaching is superb and she loves it. She developed superb Math Speed and Accuracy. Now Math she has great confidence in Math. She scores higher in Math Exams at School and Math Olympiads."
Positive attitude to Maths
Ishika's Mom
"My son studying in Grade 5 loved the Vedic Maths classes. He increased his maths calculation speed superbly. Now he does not need to rote learn tables and rough work is reduced a lot."
Samir Arora
Arnab's Father
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