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Online Vedic Maths Classes in Melbourne develop time-saving Mental Math skills for a strong foundation of maths for students using Vedic Sutras.  These Sutras are speed-building formulas for faster calculations. These sessions are taken by expert teachers trained and certified by Winaum Learning. They help build speed and accuracy in Maths.

Benefits of Vedic Maths for students of Melbourne

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Why Winaum Learning

Training from Vedic Math Trained and Expert Faculty

Training from Experts

students in the class can clear there doubts instantly

Instant Doubt Clearing

Small Batches for Classes

Small Batches for Grade 1 to Grade 9

Students are taught from trained and expert teachers

Continuous Revisions

Online Classes that Live and Interactive

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Students score higher with Classes at Winaum Learning

Excel in Math Olympiad & School Exams

What parents have to say

"My child Ishika is part of Winaum Learning Vedic Maths Program and she has developed great mental maths skills. Their way of teaching is superb and she loves it. She developed superb Math Speed and Accuracy. Now Math she has great confidence in Math. She scores higher in Math Exams at School and Math Olympiads."
Positive attitude to Maths
Ishika's Mom
"My son studying in Grade 5 loved the Vedic Maths classes. He increased his maths calculation speed superbly. Now he does not need to rote learn tables and rough work is reduced a lot."
Samir Arora
Arnab's Father
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Below is the list of trained and certified teachers of Vedic Maths for Melbourne.

Advika Sharma

Bhavna Gupta

Mauli Patel


Pushti Agrawal

Nandini Singh

Shruti Hassan

FAQs for Online Vedic Maths Classes in Melbourne

Vedic Maths is a great system of learning maths that helps to increase the speed of calculations by 10-15 times. It gives the best accuracy in getting answers in maths. Developed by Shri Bharti Krishna Tirathji, Vedic Maths is best known for its shortcut tricks and techniques also called Vedic Math Sutras.

  • It develops Mental  Math Calculative Ability.
  • Rough work in maths gets reduced.
  • Clears Maths Concepts
  • Students are able to save time while doing math calculations.
  • Students score higher in math tests and math competitions.
  • Math Phobia is removed.

Know More about the Benefits of Vedic Maths.

The classes are done 2 days a week and it has 4 levels. Each level is done in 2 months of time making it an 8-month program.

Many a time we may find kids are slow in doing maths sums. They sometimes do finger counting and do a lot of rough work.  Slowly they might also develop math phobia. So Vedic Maths by giving students certain techniques and methods helps kids groom in math calculations. They build excellent speed and accuracy in maths. Know more about how Vedic Maths is useful.

Students from grade 2 to grade 11 can do Vedic Maths and they cover the Vedic math syllabus as per the different age group categories.

Vedic Maths classes in Melbourne are given  1:1 batch which means that there is one student with the teacher in the session. Also one can have group sessions in small batches. The small size of the batch helps to give personal attention to each and every child and clears their doubts.

Winaum Learning offers Vedic Maths Classes ONLINE & OFFLINE Training Centers all over the country. There are several centers online in Melbourne for Vedic Maths for different locations. These include Melbourne locations of

  • St Kilda West
  • Albert Park
  • Port Melbourne
  • Seaholme
  • St Kilda
  • Spotswood
  • Williamstown
  • South Melbourne

.Get the detailed information about the course by just clicking on the buttons for signup or link for a free trial and fill in your details.

Continuous assessments are part of the program in Vedic Maths. Children’s oral and written assessments are done as part of the learning process. This helps to know the clear progress of the child. Teachers team up with children and parents to achieve the common objective of student’s mathematical development.

At Vedic Maths Classes in Melbourne, children become very confident in maths and they just love it.

Students are given books, online worksheets, formula guides, and tips & tricks sheets to help in student mathematical progress.

Teachers at WInaum Learning undergo a training program before they start teaching. All the teachers are graduates or postgraduates in different fields.  

The speed-building techniques of Vedic Maths are actually time-saving methods. It helps one to get one-line answers implying one can skip many steps as learned in conventional methods at school.  The tricks of Vedic Math lead to your faster calculations as much as 10-15 times than one does normally.

Vedic Maths has speed-building methods called Vedic Maths Tricks. The focus is to save time in doing calculations by developing mental maths. However, Math Tuitions covers the grade-wise school curriculum.

Calculators and computers are more used in corporates and business especially in the areas related to finance. Too much dependence on computers is not good at an early age. We should try to use mental maths as much as possible to develop the brain in the school time and for the Vedic Math is most useful as it gives speed-building methods in calculations.

Yes, Vedic Math helps in deeper math understanding with speed-building methods which help children in scoring higher in maths exams and math competitions. Thereby it plays an important role in enhancing students academic performance Know more about Vedic Maths Benefits

Yes, Winaum Learning has vedic math franchise plans and teacher training for aspiring teachers. After the training, teachers can teach online or offline.

Check more information on Vedic Maths at Wikipedia. There are many resources and links on Vedic Maths here.