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Vedic Maths Classes in United States

Online Vedic Maths Classes in United States develop time-saving Mental Math skills for a strong foundation of maths for students using Vedic Sutras.  These Sutras are speed-building formulas for faster calculations. These sessions are taken by expert teachers trained and certified by Winaum Learning. They help build speed and accuracy in Maths.

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"My child Ishika is part of Winaum Learning Vedic Maths Program and she has developed great mental maths skills. Their way of teaching is superb and she loves it. She developed superb Math Speed and Accuracy. Now Math she has great confidence in Math. She scores higher in Math Exams at School and Math Olympiads."
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"My son studying in Grade 5 loved the Vedic Maths classes. He increased his maths calculation speed superbly. Now he does not need to rote learn tables and rough work is reduced a lot."
Samir Arora
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FAQs for Online Vedic Maths Classes in United States

Vedic Maths has mental math techniques for faster calculations. It excellently builds math speed and accuracy. it removes dependence on computers. It has a lot of shortcut tricks and techniques that help to increase your calculation speed 10-15 times. Find out all about What is Vedic Maths and its tricks.

Vedic Math Classes in United States develop mental maths for kids. It has methods for faster calculations in mathematics. Therefore it reduces the child’s rough work while doing math sums.  also score higher marks in maths exams and math olympiads. Know more about the Benefits of Vedic Maths by clicking here.

Vedic Math Classes in United States can be done by students in 8 months of time by attending 2 classes in a week.

Many a time we find children are struggling with numbers in addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and higher calculations. Then depend hugely on even basic math operations. Hence they get slower. With the help of Vedic Maths, students learn to calculate faster, and therefore their confidence in math is always higher.  So students by doing Vedic Math Classes in United States definitely find Vedic Math very useful for their children.

Vedic Maths classes in United States are taught in a 1:1 batch implying there is one student with the teacher in the session. This helps to ensure personal attention to each and every student. And hence each and every child gets the concepts absolutely clear.

Winaum Learning offers Vedic Math Classes in United States with ONLINE  Training Centers. There are several centers for students of  Washington, DC, Baltimore, Oklahoma City, Boston, Portland, Las Vegas for Vedic Maths in different locations. To get the information about the course, just click on buttons for signup for a free trial and fill in your details. 

Assessments are part and parcel of the program. For these, we have continuous assessments. Students before joining the program are assessed to know their strengths and areas of improvement. As per the approach guided in the curriculum, the child’s ability is re-assessed through continuous tests after the different levels of the program. This gives a clear progress chart of the child. Thereby working together with parents, the teacher and student achieve the common goal of student’s maths development.

With Vedic Maths Classes in United States children eliminate maths fear.  To know more about the importance of faster calculation, click here. 

The faculty members are well-trained teachers at Winaum Learning and have experience in teaching Vedic Maths. They are graduates or postgraduates in different streams.  

Vedic Maths gives a specialized skill in maths for faster calculations. It develops the mental maths of the child.  Hence, while home-based tuitions focus primarily on the school curriculum, this is a maths skill program that intends to develop the calculative ability of the child. It thereby helps in school maths and also in maths olympiads.

The use of calculators and computers increases in the corporate world, especially in financial matters. However, early dependence on calculators is not a good sign. The more we train our brain with mental calculations the brain also grows. With Vedic Maths, you learn a lot of fast calculation techniques that help you to save time, and thereby there is less dependency on calculators.

Yes, Vedic Maths definitely enhances students’ academic performance in school maths understanding and maths competitions. Know more on how Vedic Maths Advantages? 

One can find more information on Vedic Maths at Wikipedia. It has a lot of resources and links on Vedic Maths.

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