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Every parent or maths teacher at one time or the other has this a common question about What is the meaning of Vedic Maths and whether it will benefit my child or not. Will this eliminate math fear of kids and make child competitive in maths. What are its Features, Benefits, Importance, Application, Curriculum, Vedic Maths Tricks of Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Squares, so on and what is the right age to start learning Vedic Maths? So here we answered all your questions here that you might have on Vedic Maths- Benefits, Vedic Maths Tricks explained with examples, Books to be used, Benefits for Kids and Teachers both, and how it can help schools or other academic institutes.

Vedic Maths is a methodology of doing faster calculations with Vedic Sutras which saves time in doing maths sums and has benefits & features to develop mental maths and speed in maths. It is a very old system of calculation found in the Vedas between 1911 and 1918 by Shri  Bharati Krishna Tirathji. He was born in 1884 in Puri, Orrisa. He had a great hold in the subjects of Maths, Science, Sanskrit, and Humanities. He had learned these techniques from  “Rig Veda”.

The methods taught here also called has short cut tricks or formulaes help in faster calculations. There are 16 main sutras and 13 sub-sutras. They can be used in addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, measurement, arithmetic, algebra,  geometry, calculus, data commercial math, and so on.  The Sanskrit term  ” Veda” means “knowledge”. Conventionally we do math calculations as taught to us in the schools have a lot of steps that many times tend to slow us down. However, when it is the time for school tests, exams, or competitive exams/olympiads we generally get lesser time. So if we have accuracy and speed of calculations, it shall help to score better marks. Vedic Maths teaches us to do maths sums with accuracy and speed. With the Vedic system of calculations, one can excellently increase the speed of solving math problems.

The Father of Vedic Mathematics and History

Shri  Bharati Krishna Tirathji  is called the Father of Vedic maths. He took to self-realization at Shringeri Matha with the guidance of Shri Shankracharya, Shri Sachidananda Shiva Abhinava Narsimha Saraswati, He spent  7 years in deep meditation and study of Vedanta and lived the life of a Sadhu from 1911 to 1918. During this period, the 16 Sutras of Vedic Maths were made.

He was called Shri Bharti Krishna Tirthaji after being initiated into Sanyas in July 1919 by Shri Trivikram Teerathaji of Varanasi.

Shri Trivikram Tirathji appointed him as the Head of Dwarikapeeth in 1921. Later he headed the Govardhan Math Monastry, Puri, Orissa from 1925 to till his Mahasmadhi in the year 1960.

Benefits of Vedic Maths to Students

Vedic Math tricks for faster calculations
  • Builds Speed and Accuracy in Maths:

Vedic Maths is a system of calculation in maths that has a collection of many a shortcut tricks and techniques called Vedic Sutras. This enhances speed and accuracy in maths.  Given below is the list of these Sutras. Once you complete the training in this, your speed of calculations becomes outstanding. The accuracy in maths is just brilliant then. 

  • Reduce Rough Work:

Students are able to reduce their rough work. A lot of rough work makes students slower in maths. With the mental maths techniques of Vedic Maths, they are able to do the calculations easier and faster. The techniques of addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, squares, roots, square roots, cube roots, and other such higher calculations help students reduce a lot of rough work. The result is that their accuracy builds up along with saving time.

  • Save Time in Calculations: 

Vedic Maths is based on Vedic Sutras which are a collection of a lot of shortcut tricks and techniques. Using the Vedic Sutras, the longer calculations using the conventional methods are reduced to one line of answers many a time. The students save time in calculations, therefore they are able to solve questions quickly.

  • Students Confidence is Higher:

Know the Vedic Sutras, students definitely have an edge. Students are more confident in math exams, tests, olympiads, and competitive exams. Being confident makes you free from self-doubt. You think positively towards the exam and your belief in yourself makes you trust in your answers. You would not have any math anxiety or maths fear. You study and prepare in a productive way and are more relaxed in the exams. Greater confidence leads to greater success 

  • Higher Ranks in Competitions: 

There are a lot of maths tests, exams, and competitions students appear in as per their grades. To mention a few IMO,  JEE, IIT Entrance, CAT, Bank, NDA. Students generally score high in Olympiads and Competitions when they know Vedic Maths. In fact, student maths olympiads start from grade 1 in most of the schools. Students of Grade2 and Grade 3 can start learning some of these methods at an early age. 

  • Easy to Pick up and Learn:

It has simple methods of doing maths which can be easily comprehended by the students and hence they find maths easier. A course of Vedic Maths can easily be completed in 8 months of time. The methodology is really easy to pick up for the students. 

  • Make Maths Interesting and Fun:

Vedic Maths makes you so confident with numbers and their calculations that you actually start enjoying the subject. Your interest level is higher and it makes maths interesting for you. Click here to know some of the ways.Your ability to get answers quickly gets you praise from all around. You just start loving maths by being highly confident.

  • It Increases Visualization:

In knowing the techniques of Vedic maths, one is taught how to make patterns increases in mind for faster calculations. This leads to an enhancement in the child’s visual ability.

  • It develops Logical Reasoning:

In Vedic maths, the student gets to know a lot of methods of faster calculations. These methods are universally applicable and following them, one can arrive at logical conclusions. They become cross-checking methods and one can always verify with conventional methods.

  • It Develops Mental Agility:

Vedic Maths gives you a different outlook to look a the numbers. It helps to solve difficult and complex maths calculations through simpler and faster methods. Therefore it develops the mental agility of a person. The environment around us whether- business, social, cultural, scientific, natural is continuously changing and is very complex. Having mental agility to understand it and offer simpler and quick solutions is important. 

  • It Develops your Concentration:

There are several methods to develop concentration like a good studying environment, clear space, discipline, daily practice, and along with these techniques effective and smart method is very important to develop concentration. Vedic Maths keeps you focussed on the task at hand and offers quick solutions to problems with accuracy in maths. So long and difficult maths problems can be done in a smart way with speed and accuracy. If you want to know more, then click here to find out more about how Vedic Maths is Useful.

Hence, the benefits of Maths can be summarized as it develops mental maths of the child giving them more confidence in maths. It has helped millions of children across the world in scoring high in maths exams and competitions. Know more in detail on Vedic Maths Advantages.

Vedic Maths for School

Benefit of Vedic Maths to schools

  • Schools that teach these methods of calculations are able to develop students for a higher level of learning in maths. As the students are able to reduce their rough work and save time in calculations, they are able to solve questions quickly.
  • Students are more confident in maths to appear for tests and exams.
  • Students generally score high in Olympiads and Competitions.
  • Teachers can easily be trained in a short duration of training time. Winaum Learning has school workshops and offers books to schools for teaching Vedic Maths.
  • It has simple methods of doing methods that can be easily comprehended by the students.
  • It makes teaching really maths more fun and children just love it.

The most important feature of the Vedic Mathematics system of learning is its logical methodology. For example, the Nikhilam method in subtraction, the subtraction technique of all from nine and last from 10 does not require children to write the whole numerical question in a vertical order to do subtraction questions. With lesser time and lesser steps, it helps them solve it saving a lot of time. This is very easy to pick up. In the general multiplication method, for example, it is easily reversed to allow one-line divisions, and the simple squaring method can be reversed to show one-line square roots.  Hence we see that it makes maths easy and one can do it with speed. There are many tricks for Vedic  Maths for Faster Calculations.

Vedic Maths Sutras

There are 16 sutras in Vedic Maths. These sutras are also called as Vedic Maths tricks or short cut methods for faster calculations. The list of Vedic Maths Sutras are given below:

1 Ekadhikena Purvena Anurupyena By one more than the previous one
2 Nikhilam Navatashcaramam Dashatah Sisyate Sesasamjnah All from 9 and the last from 10
3 Urdhva-Tiryagbyham Adyamadyenantyamantyena Vertically and crosswise
4 Paravartya Yojayet Kevalaih Saptakam Gunyat Transpose and adjust
5 Shunyam Saamyasamuccaye Vestanam When the sum is the same that sum is zero
6 Anurupye Shunyamanyat Shunya Anyat If one is in ratio, the other is zero
7 Sankalana-vyavakalanabhyam Yavadunam Tavadunikritya Varga Yojayet By addition and by subtraction
8 Puranapuranabyham Antyayordashake’pi By the completion or non-completion
9 Chalana-Kalanabyham Antyayoreva Differences and Similarities
10 Yavadunam Samuccayagunitah Whatever the extent of its deficiency
11 Vyashtisamasthi Lopanasthapanabhyam Part and Whole
12 Shesanyankena Charamena Vilokanam The remainders by the last digit
13 Sopaantyadvayamantyam Gunitasamuccayah Samuccayagunitah The ultimate and twice the penultimate
14 Ekanyunena Purvena Dhvajanka By one less than the previous one
15 Gunitasamuchyah Dwandwa Yoga The product of the sum is equal to the sum of the product
16 Gunakasamuchyah Adyam Antyam Madhyam The factors of the sum is equal to the sum of the factors

Explanation with Examples in Vedic Methodology

Vedic Mathematics Methods of doing Maths helps to solve difficult sums easily and quickly. And these are systematic methods implying these are far easier than conventional methods taught in the school. It reduces a lot of steps for children and thereby increases their speed of calculation making them competitive. Hence it school competitions and Olympiads kids trained with this system of learning do better than other otherwise.

Nowadays the interest in Vedic System of Learning is growing a lot. The children are comfortably applying Vedic Sutras in Geometry, Calculus, Computing Etc.

It is said “Practice Makes the Man Perfect” , the more you practice the better is the speed of calculation and mental maths of the students.

Vedic Maths Tricks

Vedic Math tricks on addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and higher calculations

Vedic Maths Tricks on Addition

  • Addition with Double to Single Digits:

Add Ten’s column to Ten’s and one’s column to one’s

Example – 

Question : Solve the Problem 15 + 3


 Step 1: 1 tens

1 tens or 10

Step 2 : Add one’s column values

5 + 3 = 8

Step 3: Add 1tens + 8

10 + 8 = 18

Ans: The answer is 18

  • Addition with 2 Digits Numbers    

Add Ten’s column to Ten’s and one’s column to one’s                               


Question :Solve the Problem 57 + 27                


Step 1 : 5 tens + 2 tens                              

50 + 20 = 70 or 7 tens    

Step 2 : Add one’s column values                                        

7 + 7 = 14                                   

Step 3: Add 7tens + 14                              

70 + 14                     

Ans : The answer is 84        

Vedic Maths Tricks on Subtraction

Subtraction using Vedic Math Sutra All from 9 and last from 10, answer reduce by 1.

Start from right to left subtract every digit from 9 except the last from 10 and answer reduce by 1.
Example : 70,000 – 8,963

Step 1 : Subtract 3 from 10 i.e 10 – 3 = 7

Step 2 : Subtract 6 from 9 i.e 9 – 6 = 3

Step 3 : Subtract 9 from 9 i.e 9 – 9 = 0

Step 4 : Subtract 8 from 9 i.e 9 – 8 = 1

Step 5 : Answer reduce ( less) by 1 i.e 7-1 = 6

Ans : 70,000 – 8,963 = 61,037

Multiply your Speed, Accuracy, Logical, Reasoning and Time Saving skills

9 /10 Winaum Learning's students score 95% in their maths exam

Majority of Winaum Learning students achieve higher ranks in Maths Olympiads.

Vedic Maths Tricks on Multiplication

Vedic Maths Trick Using Cross-Wise Method.

Step – 1: First of all, write the numbers in vertical format.

Step – 2: Multiply the ones digit by ones digit.

Step –3: Make a cross, find the product of tens digit of one number by ones digit of the other number and repeat the same with other two numbers. Now add the products.

Step – 4: Now multiply the tens digit by digit.

Step – 5: Now there are three numbers. Keep on taking only one digit starting from right side and add the extra number to the next place.

Example no. 1 :

    6 9

× 2 5

  • 9 × 5 = 45
  • 6 × 5 + 2 × 9 = 30 + 18 = 48
  • 6 × 2 = 12

Take 5 of 45 and add this 4 to 48, so you’ll get 52.

Now take 2 of 52 and add this 5 to 12, so you’ll get 17.

Write this 17 as it is.

So your answer is 1725

Multiply your Speed, Accuracy, Logical, Reasoning and Time Saving skills

9 /10 Winaum Learning's students score 95% in their maths exam

Majority of Winaum Learning students achieve higher ranks in Maths Olympiads.

Vedic Maths Trick of Squares

Squares of  2 Digit Numbers

Step 1 :  Multiply ones digit by itself.

Step 2 : Multiply 2 by the product of ones and tens digit.

Step 3 : Multiply tens digit by itself.

Step 4 : Now there are three numbers. Keep on taking only one digit starting from right side and add the extra number to next place.


Example No. 1 : Find the square of 59.

  • Step 1 : 9 × 9 = 81
  • Step 2:  2 × 5 × 9 = 90
  • Step 3: 5 × 5 = 25
  • Step 4:  Explained Below

Take 1 of 81 and add 8 to 90. So, you’ll get 98.

Take 8 of 98 and add 9 to 25. So, you’ll get 34.

Therefore, the required answer is 3481.

Example No. 2 : Find the square of 86.

  • Step 1 : 6 × 6 = 36
  • Step 2 : 2 × 8 × 6 = 96
  • Step 3 : 8 × 8 = 64
  • Step 4 : Explained Below

Take 6 of 36  and add 3 to 96. So, you’ll get 99.

Take 9 and add 9 to 64. So, you’ll get 73.

Therefore, the required answer is 7396.

Multiply your Speed, Accuracy, Logical, Reasoning and Time Saving skills

9 /10 Winaum Learning's students score 95% in their maths exam

Majority of Winaum Learning students achieve higher ranks in Maths Olympiads.

Benefit of Vedic Maths to Teachers

Knowing Vedic Maths helps teachers groom mental ability of students, remove maths maths fear , makes them competitive which further helps to achieve higher scores in math exams and maths competitions. Know more about Vedic Maths Teacher Program by clicking here.

Vedic maths training helps in faster calculations

Learn to Calculate Faster

Knowing the techniques for faster calculations will help you to train students excellently in maths.

Vedic Maths helps to grow students brain and their mathematical ability

Develops Logical Ability of Students

Vedic Maths helps to grow students brain and their mathematical ability

Vedic Math Teachers Can easily start their online and offline centers

Start your Center

One can easily start center online or offline as there is a huge demand for Vedic Maths to develop mental maths ability of children.

Vedic Maths Teacher can earn better in school and beyond

Better Career Opportunities

Vedic Maths Teachers have better opportunities to grow than otherwise. It adds feather in their teaching cap for growth in career.

Vedic Maths Books

Vedic Maths Curriculum

Vedic Maths Curriculum has Vedic Maths Tricks that also called speed building methods in calculations.  Knowing these speed-building methods after doing the  Vedic Maths Course, one is able to do math calculations faster mentally or with lesser rough work. Click here to know about the Vedic Maths Curriculum.

How to become Vedic Maths Teacher ?

Inorder to teach Vedic Maths, one requires training.  Vedic Maths training for teachers  covers all the short cut tricks and techniques for faster calculation. These are the short cut methods which would eventually helps kids score in math tests and olympiads. The trainings for Vedic Maths are offered at Winaum Learning. Winaum Learning offers a certified training online to all the teachers which live and ineractive sessions. To join the program one can sign up here and our representatives will assist you.

FAQs on Vedic Maths

It can be started by kids when the they are in class 2 or class 3 , that means it can be started at 7/8 years of age. At this age one can easily do the basic speed building methods on addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. 

Higher Classes from class 6 onwards can do advance modules covering roots, cubes, squares , squares and other higher calculations apart from the basic modules.

The Program has  been divided into 4 modules. Each module is covered in 2 months.

Each batch as 5-6 students. Keeping the small batch ensures that each child gets quality learning and a great personal attention.  

Yes, students are continuously assessed during the classes. Students are given assignments and tests are conducted at regular intervals.

Vedic way of learning makes maths simpler with a lot of tricks and techniques based on Vedic Sutras.  And as per the Sutras done, the child can do sessions improvising and excelling in the calculative ability. And thereby for different age groups it is just one program and done once as a life skill program.  In maths tuitions , the syllabus is different for each class and is based of conventional system of learning.

Yes definitely students calculate faster and mentally also by using techniques of Vedic Mathematics. Many of students have seen their speed rising by 10-20 times using this methods or Sutras. Not only they improve their skills on multiplication and division but also that of addition and subtraction.

Yes, Winaum Learning offers certified course to students. After the completion of the course, you get the certificate for the same.

There are different payment plans for the course. You may signup here to know more.

Yes Vedic Maths can be learnt online with the comfort of your home at your laptop/computer or mobile phone.

Yes, students are given assignments  regularly for practice.

To know the levels, lets understand that Vedic Maths program has been divided broadly into two catogories – Junior and Senior.  In both the categories the students can do the program by completing the four levels. Each level both in Junior category and Senior category requires 2 months, thereby in 8 months one can complete the entire program.

Vedic Maths requires specialists or experts in the field. Winaum Learning has trained teachers for the subject. You can enrol your child and make them practice as per the guidance by the teacher.

Vedic Mathematics is a system of reasoning and mathematical working based on ancient Indian teachings called Veda.  It helps in normal computing, geometry, calculus , simplifies arithmetic and algebraic operations, thereby it has increasingly found acceptance the world over. 

There are 16 main sutras and 13 sub sutras in Vedic Mathematics.

The earlier the child learns vedic maths, the better it is. 

Children can start learning Vedic Maths as early as 7 years. It is important for the child to know the basic concepts of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. By the time a child reaches class 2 which is when the age of child is generally 7 years , he /she can understand the four pillars of math in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. And therefore the child can attend a junior vedic maths program focusing in speed building methods at junior levels. 

For the kids above class 5, Vedic Maths senior program can be done which has higher level calculations along with basic arithmetic calculations.


Vedic Maths can be learned across all age groups.

  • Children can do the course from grade 2/3 to class 12th.  As per the age they can either junior program or the senior program.
  • Undergraduates and graduates do it for appearing in competitive exams.
  • Even the school teachers do it to enhance the quality of teaching delivery to the child.
  • Adults – housewives, mothers/teachers/ people who wish to to take Vedic math classes and run their centers become part of teacher training program for vedic maths or the franchise program.

As per the age of the person who is learning, learning time may vary for vedic maths. 

  • Children can complete the program in 64 sessions
  • Adults-housewives/teachers/graduates can do the same course in 25-30 sessions. 

Vedic Maths has two types of programs as per the age groups of the children. We have a junior and a senior program. Vedic Maths Syllabus has a lot of short cut methods for faster calculations as per the category of the child.

Vedic maths is an extremely wonderful program for kids. It increases the speed of calculation for the child. Thereby child can score higher in maths tests, exams, and olympiads. The child is able to eliminate math phobia and he /she is more confident with numbers and maths. Know more about How Vedic Maths is Useful.

Vedic Maths focuses to enhance the mental ability of the child by having a lot of shot cut methods which helps children to calculate 10-15 times faster than conventional methods. Thereby the child is able to execute the math problems quickly. Abacus also increases the speed of the child however in the initial first year it has a total dependency on the tool. And the speed in maths develops over a period of 2-3 years in the abacus, whereas Vedic Maths develops mental maths and the speed in calculation with accuracy in just 8-12 months. Vedic Maths does require any tool

There are several materials available on the internet to learn Vedic Maths. However, all the material is available in bits and pieces and education requires a structural learning process to get complete in-depth knowledge. Winaum Learning offers a well-designed curriculum for Vedic Maths and trained and certified teachers teach in small batch sizes. Book a free trial and you shall definitely like it

Government of India has stressed the need for Vedic Maths in schools and in some of the speeches on education our Honourable Prime Minister Mr. Modi has also talked about Vedic maths to be included in the school maths education. In many of the schools, it has started. There are other schools which adopted in a small way as part of fun activities and others in schools exercise books. Schools themselves have a lot of curriculum to cover and sometimes they make it as part of school clubs or as part of after-school activities.

Vedic Maths is based on Vedic Sutras. Vedic Sutras are formulae for faster calculations. If one has learnt the chool methods of calculations, one can easily learn Vedic Maths. However, Abacus requires understanding the abacus tool which is generally not taught in depth in schools. Know all the differences between Vedic maths and abacus.

Vedic Maths has a lot of techniques to increase the speed in mathematics. If you know conventional methods of calculation taught in school, Vedic Maths is very easy to learn. It increases your memory power. One can apply the methods learnt in Vedic Maths in algebra, geometry and trigonometry. It also promotes child creativity. Know More about Vedic Maths Features.

There are several short cut tricks are there in Vedic Maths. These are help making kids faster in calculations by reducing rough work and it excellently enhances there mental maths. These tricks are also called short cut formulaes or sutras. There 16 sutras and 13 sub- sutras in this.

In the year 1957, Bharati Krishna Tirathji wrote Vedic Maths.

This was first introduced by Shri Bharti Tirath Krishnaji in the year 1965. The program has all the mathematical short tricks and methods that helps in faster calculation.  This has therefore helped students score higher in math exams and competitions as it has effectively build their speed and accuracy in calculations.

Vedic Maths For Class 5th to 10th

Vedic Maths For Class 1st to 4th

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