Online Handwriting Improvement Classes

Handwriting Improvement Classes

Handwriting is an art which is solely, performed through your fingers. Once you have learnt how to use the fingers better and effectively, your writing can be improved. When anybody writes, it is just not the use of a pen and pencil on a paper, but it is a process that involves mind-motor coordination. The brain conceives a thought and directs hands and fingers to reproduce these thoughts in the form of words or sentences, with the help of a writing instrument on a writing object.

The Handwriting Competition of Winaum Learning IHC-InterSchool Handwriting Contest focuses to motivate students and teachers to develop good handwriting skills. The pattern of handwriting can be either cursive writing or the print handwriting

Winaum Learning offers an educational platform for kids for developing their  skills in Maths via (Curriculum program-Grow with Maths and Vedic Maths ), Handwriting, and English grammar. It offers kids online live classes and offline sessions done in small batches through its trained and expert teachers. It organizes competitions also for maths-IMC  and handwriting- IHC. Know more by signing up for a trial class.

Grow with Math

It is math tuition program from Grade 1- Grade 9

Vedic Math

It focuses on building Math Speed and Accuracy for Grade 1- Grade 9


Handwriting Improvement program for all age groups

English Grammar

It is grade-wise English Grammar program for Grade 1-8