Essay on Pollution Problem

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Any harmful substance which makes our environment contaminated creates pollution problem. Pollution occurs when any unwanted changes happen and which impact the physical, biological or chemical properties of air, water, and land.

There are several types of pollution and majorly there are 4 types of pollution- 

  1. Air Pollution– The solid or liquid particles which are present in the air and are very harmful to human plants and animals. Air pollution is the release into the atmosphere of several gases, tiny divided solids, dispersed liquid aerosol, etc. The main causes of air pollution are Motor vehicle exhaust, manufacturing companies producing carbon monoxide, wildfire,  volcanic eruption, burning fossil fuels, burning open garbage, etc. Air pollution is so serious that it leads to the of 1/3rd deaths caused by lung cancer, asthma attacks, damaged heart, brain, and lungs. Preventing air pollution is a hard task but not impossible and it’s necessary if we humans want to live here on earth. We can prevent air pollution by using filter Chimneys, traveling by public transport,  planting more trees, recycling and reusing,  avoid using plastic, become vegan,  stop animal farming, for shorter distance use cycle or walk instead of using motor vehicles,  etc.
  1. Water Pollution –  When harmful Chemicals substances foreign objects are mixed with water bodies which affect the chemical, physical and biological properties of water is known as water pollution. The main causes of water pollution are Marine dumping,  Industrial waste,  radioactive garbage, pesticides,  Flushing of pharmaceutical substances through toilets, etc.  Water pollution creates disturbances in the food chain,  making water-borne diseases like typhoid, malaria, jaundice, etc. We can stop water pollution by  avoiding the overuse of pesticides,  stop Marine dumping,  always recycle and reuse plastic and other stuff, 
  1. Soil Pollution – Land degradation is caused by excessive use of chemicals, solid wastes,  contaminated water absorbed by the soil, use of chemical minerals,  plastic dumping,  burning of plastics, overuse of fertilizers and pesticides, dumping of minerals, radioactive wastes, and oils are the main causes of soil pollution. Soil pollution is harmful to humans. It creates a neuromuscular condition, causing congenital illnesses.  We can prevent soil pollution by promoting organic farming,  we can use bacterial fertilizer nutrients such as compost, by using herbicides instead of pesticides, avoid using plastics,  avoid burning open garbage in soil,  always recycle and reuse things.
  1. Noise pollution–  Noise pollution is also known as sound pollution. Noise pollution can be explained as a disturbing or unwanted sound that interferes and harms humans as well as wildlife. Noise pollution negatively affects the wildlife species by reducing habitat quality, increasing stress levels, and masking other sounds like traffic noise, Air traffic noise,  high volume television,  industrialization, social events, poor urban planning, etc. Noise pollution affects humans and animals in several ways. Some of them are headache, poor hearing ability,  disturbance in concentration,  high blood pressure, stress,  and many more.  We can stop noise pollution by Upgrading the Insulation, lowering down the noise of every noise-making object be it a television, a loudspeaker, human voice, or any industrial noise-making machine, etc. 

Conclusion–  Let’s talk about how we can wipe out the pollution problem from our home planet earth.  

  • To begin with, Preventing air pollution by using Public Transportation helps in two ways e.g. reduction in motor vehicle exhaust, Saves fuel, which leads to less production of carbon monoxide from burning fossil fuels like coal, oil, gasoline, to produce energy for transportation.
  • We together as a community should Say No to plastic, as plastic objects can take about 1000 years to get decomposed in landfills. whereas plastic bags we use in our everyday life take 10-20 years to decompose, and plastic bottles take around 500 years.
  • We should limit our Air-conditioned time, and should always use filter Chimneys.
  • We should not let the polluted water get collected, we shouldn’t smoke anything and everything without knowing its consequences.
  •  We should rely on organic things rather than artificial chemical-made things.

So here above you would see that we have described above the Essay on Pollution Problem. We have gone into detail what are the different types of Pollution and what one should do to reduce it.

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