Park Essay for Class 2 Kids


The Essay on Park for Class 2 Kids is very common to get from the school. The essay helps kids to know about the park and its benefits. It motivates kids to have fun and fitness when they go to the Park.

Park Essay

  • Park is an area, there are many plants, trees, and swings for children. It’s a place of amusement especially for children and people can also go to walk, run, play or sit.
  • The park is a location where we go for enjoyment. The parks have greenery, various types of plants, and birds make their nests there. 
  • There are many plants and trees, some of them are very beautiful, some have bright colors and some of them are tall.
  • Spring is one of the best seasons to visit parks. Because we can easily observe all the differences the trees and the plants are making. 
  • There are many squirrels and swans who have made their home.
  • The park has a beautiful lake where the ducks swim, there are fish, occasionally the Swan’s come, we can also go boating, and while having popcorn.
  • It has a basketball court, badminton court, and exercise area. Where people come early in the morning and enjoy these facilities. 
  • Early morning many people come there for a walk or play basketball 
  • I love roaming around the park and near the lake, So my parents take me to my favorite park every weekend. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Park Essay for Class 2

It’s a big Park where children and their parents may come to roam around and spend time with nature

Mainly there are five types of Parks- neighborhood parks,  large City Parks,  playground parks,  religious parks, amusement parks. 

Everybody loves parks because they give pure oxygen and can go out for a walk or jog to maintain body fitness. We can be close to nature, we can play with our family and friends.

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