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Vedic Math Classes in Mumbai

Top Vedic Math Tutors in Mumbai Online and Offline from Winaum Learning offer students ancient Indian math techniques, fostering quick mental calculations, confidence, and problem-solving skills effectively These are trained and certified teachers. Vedic Maths help remove maths phobia and children can do math calculations fastest with the help of this. Vedic Maths is an ancient methodology of maths calculation with a lot of short tricks and techniques as formulated by Shri Bharti Krishna Tirathji. Vedic Maths Syllabus covers the Vedic Sutras or Tricks are speed-building formulas for faster calculations. 

Benefits of Vedic Maths Course for students of Mumbai

Vedic Maths teacher taking online classes for kids

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Manjusha Sehra

Founder - Winaum Learning

Hello! I’m Manjusha Sehra, and my mission is to empower people worldwide through Maths and personality development.With a passion for education, I specialize in Vedic Maths, offering transformative techniques for mental math and quick problem-solving. I’ve successfully led teacher training and student workshops, making a positive impact on their success. Through my unique programs in Vedic Maths, Handwriting, and Graphotherapy, I aim to help students improve their academic growth and unleash their hidden potential. Let’s embark on this journey together and unlock the path to success!

Winaum Learning has offered services to the following schools:

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Our Programs to Develop Mental Maths for Students of Mumbai

Fundamentals Mastery Program

vedic maths book for junior students

Junior Vedic Maths Program

vedic maths book for junior students to develop mental maths

Senior Vedic Maths Program

vedic maths book for senior students for grade 5, grade 6, grade 7, grade 8, grade 9

Our specialized Mental Maths program is designed to address these issues and empower your child to excel in math with ease and confidence. Let us help your child unlock their full potential in mathematics and enjoy the journey of learning!

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FAQs for Vedic Math Classes

Vedic Maths is an ancient system of calculation having Vedic Sutras that helps to build speed and accuracy in maths.  Know more about What is Vedic Maths.

  • Vedic Maths develops the mental maths of the student.
  • It reduces rough work with shortcut tricks and techniques it has.
  • Know these tricks and shortcuts in maths, students are able to score higher in math exams and rank higher in math competitions. 
  • It removes maths phobia.

Know More about the Benefits of Vedic Maths by clicking here.

Vedic Maths Classes can be done by students in 8 months of time by attending 2 classes in a week.

Vedic Maths builds speed and accuracy of children in maths. With the mental ability which students develop by doing the course of Vedic Maths, they are able to score higher in math exams and math olympiads. Know more about how it is useful.

Vedic Maths classes in Mumbai are taught in small batches. The sessions are live and interactive and doing in small batches ensures attending to each and every child for all the doubts. This helps in a better understanding of the child. 

Winaum Learning offers Vedic Maths Classes ONLINE & OFFLINE Training Centers all over the country. There are several centers in Mumbai for Vedic Maths in different locations. These include Mumbai locations of Cuffe Parade, Powai, Breach Kandy, Mahalaxmi, Tardeo, Lower Parel, Lokhandwala Complex, Versova, Altamount & Peddar Road, Andheri East, Andheri West, Dadar, Malabaar Hill, Bandra, Juhu . To get the information about the course, just click on buttons for signup or link for a free trial and fill in your details.

Children of Bangalore are given continuous assessments to measure child’s progress in maths. Parents are also guided on how they can assist at home.

With Vedic Maths Classes in Mumbai, children eliminate maths phobia.  To know more about the importance of faster calculation, click here. 

Students are given study material which includes textbooks, formula guides, and tips & tricks sheet.


The faculty members are trained teachers and have years of experience in teaching Vedic math. They are graduates or postgraduates in different streams. Some of them have done BA,B. Ed , Msc , CTET or an MBA. 

Many a time when we ask children, how would they feel if they get a little time during the exam. Almost all of them will say , they would feel great. Students with this extra time would be able to recheck their answers and revise the whole paper.Now since Vedic Maths helps children to do calculations faster with a lot tricks and techniques. Once the kids has understood the math question, knowing the faster method to calculate the answer , they would save a lot of time. Each second saved is extra time earned. So Vedic maths helps kids save a lot of time in while doing calculations with the variety of methods the course offers.

It is an (after-school) math-learning program. As a result, while home-based tuitions focus primarily on the school syllabus and preparing students for their tests and exams. This is a maths skill program that intends to develop the calculative ability of the child. It thereby helps in school maths and also in maths olympiads.

When the kids grow up and join offices for work,  they all use calculators and computers for calculation specially in financial and real estate field apart from other. But early dependence on calculators is not a good sign. The more we train our brain with mental calculations the brain also grows. With Vedic Maths you learn a lot of fast calculation techniques that help you to save time and thereby there is less dependency on calculators.

Yes, Vedic maths helps in brain development and children are more confident in maths as a subject or in daily life math understanding when they undergo a course of Vedic Maths at Winaum Learning.

Yes, it will definitely help children in school maths and math olympiads. Vedic maths will help you improve your calculation speed which is a boon during examinations.

Yes, Winaum Learning has various franchise and teacher training programs for aspiring teachers. After taking training, Vedic Maths can be taught by these trained teachers from home, coaching institutes, and online also.

One can find more information on Vedic Maths at Wikipedia. It has a lot of resources and links on Vedic Maths.

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Training from Experts

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Small Batches for Classes

Small Batches for Grade 1 to Grade 9

Students are taught from trained and expert teachers

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Students score higher with Classes at Winaum Learning

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What parents have to say

"My child Ishika is part of Winaum Learning Vedic Maths Program and she has developed great mental maths skills. Their way of teaching is superb and she loves it. She developed superb Math Speed and Accuracy. Now Math she has great confidence in Math. She scores higher in Math Exams at School and Math Olympiads."
Positive attitude to Maths
Ishika's Mom
"My son studying in Grade 5 loved the Vedic Maths classes. He increased his maths calculation speed superbly. Now he does not need to rote learn tables and rough work is reduced a lot."
Samir Arora
Arnab's Father
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