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Vedic Math consists of Speed Building Methods in Maths. These methods help children in faster calculations. They are also called Vedic Sutras. Vedic Maths Classes in South Delhi are offered by Certified teachers of Winaum Learning in online, live, and interactive sessions. Below is the list of trained and certified teachers of Vedic Maths in South Delhi:

Benefits of Vedic Maths for students of South Delhi

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Training from Vedic Math Trained and Expert Faculty

Training from Experts

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Small Batches for Grade 1 to Grade 9

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List of Trained & Certified Teachers for Vedic Maths in South Delhi


Saroj is a certified teacher in Saket. She has done B.Ed and Chemistry Honors and has been into teaching for a long time.


Ekta is a Certified Teacher in Malviya Nagar. She has done B. Ed and teaching is her passion.


Neelam Verma

Yukta Sharma


What parents have to say

"My child Ishika is part of Winaum Learning Vedic Maths Program and she has developed great mental maths skills. Their way of teaching is superb and she loves it. She developed superb Math Speed and Accuracy. Now Math she has great confidence in Math. She scores higher in Math Exams at School and Math Olympiads."
Positive attitude to Maths
Ishika's Mom
"My son studying in Grade 5 loved the Vedic Maths classes. He increased his maths calculation speed superbly. Now he does not need to rote learn tables and rough work is reduced a lot."
Samir Arora
Arnab's Father
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Vedic Maths is a system of learning fast calculations with a lot of short-cut tricks and techniques. It develops the mental math of the kids. It is originated by Shri Bharti Krishna Tirathji who is also called the father of Vedic Maths.  Know more about What is Vedic Maths.

  • Children can do calculations faster with Vedic Maths. It increases their speed by 10-15 times.
  • Many a time children do a lot of rought work in doing maths sums. Vedic Maths helps to reduce it and they can do maths sums with one-line answers.
  • Since it reduces rough work and finger counting, thereby children can do maths in the head. This makes them fast in maths.
  • This results in building their math speed and accuracy which brings better ranks in math olympiads and higher scores in math exams.
  • Since it is a short course, children can develop great mathematical abilities in a short time period.
  •  It eliminates maths phobia.

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The program has 4 levels. Each level is done in 2 months. Therefore in 8 months of time, students can complete the Vedic Maths Course Training.

One can find more information on Vedic Maths at Wikipedia. It has a lot of resources and links on Vedic Maths.

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