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Features, Advantages and Application of Vedic Maths

Here we shall discuss the advantages of Vedic Maths, its features, and how its application in maths, technology have given benefits to children in school and in the real world. It has worked wonders and made maths look so easy for everyone. The credit for this goes to Shri Bharti Krishna Tirathji who is also called the Father of Vedic Maths. He wrote a book on it and it was called – Vedic Mathematics.  We have written about – What is Vedic Maths? check here. The book had several sutras for faster calculations and his methodology has become popular the world over. Please find below the advantages and application of Vedic Maths in detail below.

Logical and Consistent

The first advantage of Vedic Maths lies in its coherence. The method of learning Vedic Maths has techniques that are excellently related to each other. They are systematically connected and work in a unified way. For example, the Speed building method of addition is related to speed building methods of multiplication. And these methods are easy to learn and implement while doing maths sums. Working through the methods of Vedic Maths are logical and consistent. 

Time Saving Methods

time saving methods with short tricks in vedic maths

The second characteristic of Vedic Maths is its shortcut methods. Vedic Maths has a lot of time-saving techniques which are called Vedic Sutras. Vedic Sutras are shortcut tricks and techniques or one can call them formulas for doing faster calculations. Not only one develops in speed in the calculation but it also gives accurate answers. 

Rote learning of tables is a big problem for children and many time children are scolded by the parents in case they miss to anwer the tables. Incase the child has learnt Vedic Maths there is no need to learn tables beyond the table of nine. All the tables upto 19 or even higher calculations in multiplication can easily be done with the help of Vedic Maths.

Methodology can be learnt in a short span of time

The third property of Vedic Maths is that it can be learned short term. The duration of the course for Vedic Maths is just 8 months. The children from grade 3 to grade 5 can do junior Vedic Maths courses and students from grade 6 to grade 10 can do senior Vedic Maths programs. One can check the syllabus of Vedic Maths.

Vedic Maths Develops Mental Maths

The fourth advantage of Vedic Maths is that it boosts mental maths skills. Mental Maths is a skill that helps in doing calculations in the head without the use of paper and pencil. Having a strong mental maths improves self-confidence and generates self-interest in maths. Vedic Maths with its Sutras actually does this to the child. It has several shortcut tricks and techniques of faster calculation that the child is able to do the maths problems mentally. So it reduces or eliminates to a large extent the rough work which leads to time wastage in calculations. As the child moves up the ladder in the different grades in school, the difficulty level of maths grows. Hence to be competitive in maths, Vedic Maths tricks is a blessing.

Easy to Pick up

vedic maths in easy to learn

This is another feature of Vedic Maths. Children can learn to pick the tricks so easily. It has simple methods of doing maths. The tricks of Vedic Maths can be learned by children from grade 2/3 by doing a junior Vedic Maths program which focuses on the four main pillars of maths. For example trick of making 10 has the base value for numbers is so easy and universally applicable that not only it saves time for kids but is quickly picked up by the child. Similar to the tricks on subtraction, multiplication, and the rest are easily understandable. Once you know the trick one can “Rock On” at Maths.

Higher Scores in Maths at School and Math Competitions

Know the fast methods of calculations as taught in Vedic Maths, students have benefited immensely by scoring excellently in school maths exams and getting top rank in maths competitions. All the tests and competitions give a lesser time limit and have a higher difficulty level to test the competence of the child. Vedic Maths teaches time-saving methods and builds maths accuracy. Using these methods children have scored brilliantly in maths.

Application of Vedic Maths in Technology

use of vedic maths in technology

DSP Application :

One of the sutras in Vedic Maths is called Nikhilam Sutra. Vedic Multiplier is based on this Sutra. It is said to be faster when implemented in the hardware. This multiplier can be efficiently used in any DSP application or in any DSP processor that requires low power consumption.

DSP implies Digital Signal Processing. The DSP operations are one of the important concepts in engineering. Some of the examples are Audio compression, digital image processing, compression of videos, speech processing, and recognition, digital communications, radio detection, and ranging systems, seismology, and sound navigation and ranging systems are examples of digital signal processing applications

The concept of multiplication as explained in Vedic Sutras of Nikhilam is used for the designing of DSP operations.

Use in Technology:

Vedic Maths Sutras are also used in technology. Now guess which one would this be. This is ‘ Ekadhikina Purvena and EkanyunenaPurvena. An example is   “  i<-i+1 or i<–i−1 “ which is used in the software. This has also been used in many android applications.

Application in Algebra

Vedic Maths Benefits Application in Algebra

Algebra is a branch of mathematics that deals with symbols and these symbols reflect quantities without fixed values, called variables and here equations represent relationships between variables. It has operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. 

Vedic Maths helps in building speed and accuracy in calculations which are based on addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, squares, roots, and higher calculations. Hence the students of Vedic Maths can easily apply the Vedic Sutras in algebra. As a result of their calculations shall be faster with accuracy than usual methods as taught in the school. This will eventually help in scoring high for kids in exams or olympiads.

Application in Geometry

Geometry figures in maths

Geometry has topics on angles, shapes, lines, and space and is very useful in arts, architecture, and astronomy. Calculating area for example of a rectangle requires multiplication as the formula for the same is  -length x breadth. The perimeter of a 2D shape implies you have to give the total distance around the specific shape, which implies adding all sides.

So, doing Geometry also involves the use of arithmetic operations implying if one is good at Vedic Maths, he or she will be good at Geometry and thereby shall also be more skillful in arts, architecture, and astronomy.


Clearly Vedic Maths has advantages that can make students brilliant in maths. It has the power that can make human beings maths genius. This reminds us of Shakuntla Devi who was called the Human-Computer in Maths. She also talks about how Vedic Maths has helped children in removing maths fear. Students have been able to score higher ranks in maths olympiads and scored higher in maths exams with the help of Vedic maths. It develops mental maths skills with a lot of short tricks and techniques. And its application is in all the branches of mathematics and not just arithmetic operations. Even Algebra, Geometry, and other such higher maths can be done with ease with the help of Vedic maths. Even in technological development, it has played a vital role. Winaum Learning organizes special classes for Vedic Maths through its expert teachers and thousands of children have benefitted from the classes. It has trained hundreds of teachers across the world, who then take the teachings forward to children in schools and colleges. Book a free trial and know more about it.

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