Vedic Math Syllabus

Vedic math is a system of learning maths for faster calculations with time-saving methods to get answers quickly developing the mental ability of learners and Vedic Maths Syllabus has the tricks and techniques to increase the speed in maths. These tricks and techniques are also called Vedic Sutras. Maths as the subject requires a complete understanding of the concepts and daily practice. It is a subject in which one can score full marks if practices on a continuous basis.  

Vedic Math Syllabus for Grade 2-5

Vedic Math Syllabus for Grade 6-9

Vedic Math Syllabus for Grade 2-5

  1. Foundation Addition
  • Number Sense for Addition
  • Mental Maths Addition
  • Rapid Addition- Single to Double-Digit
  • Rapid Addition- Double to Double-Digit
  • Rapid Addition- Triple to Triple-Digit
  • Left to Right Addition
  • Number Splitting
  • Adding 10 to Numbers
  • Basic Word Problems


2. Foundation Subtraction

  • Number Sense for Subtraction
  • Mental Maths Subtraction
  • Complement
  • Subtraction Using Complements
  • Subtraction of Two-Digit Number with Single Digit Number
  • Subtraction of Double-Digit Numbers
  • Subtraction of Triple Digit Numbers with Double Digit
  • Subtraction using Nikliam 3 Digit
  • Subtraction using Nikliam 4 Digit
  • Using the method in the Middle
  • Using the method in the Ending
  • Subtraction using Nikliam
  • Basic Word Problems


3. Foundation Multiplication

  • Introduction of Multiplication
  • Table of 2,3,4,5
  • Table of 6,7,8,9
  • Table of 10,11,12,13
  • Table of 14,15,16,17
  • Table of 18,19,20,21
  • Table of 22, 23, 24, 25
  • Mental Maths Multiplication
  • Multiplication with Double Digit to Single Digit numbers
  • Multiplication by Multiples of 10
  • Traditional Multiplication
  • Mulitiplication with Tricks
  • Basic Word Problems

4. Foundation Division

  • Introduction of Division
  • Warmup for Division
  • Traditional Division
  • Division by 10,100 or 1000
  • Facts of Division
  • Mental Maths Division
  • Basic Word Problems

Vedic Math Syllabus for Grade 6 and above


  • Number Sense for Addition
  • Mental Maths Addition
  • Addition with numbers near to 10 or multiple of 10
  • Left to Right Addition-2 digit
  • Left to Right Addition – 3 digit
  • Rapid Addition- Single to Double Digit
  • Rapid Addition – Double to Double Digit
  • Rapid Addition – Triple to triple digit
  • Number Splitting
  • Trachtenberg- Addition

Level 2

  • Subtraction
  • Number sense for Subtraction- Warmups
  • Mental Maths Subtraction
  • Subtraction with Numbers near 10 and multiple of 10
  • Subtraction Compliments
  • Subtraction using Nikilam 3 digit, 4 digit, 5 digits
  • Introduction to Multiplication
  • Table of 2-25
  • Mental Maths Multiplication
  • Simple Multiplication
  • Introduction to Division
  • Word Problems on addition, subtraction, multiplication and division

Level 3

  • Multiplication of two digit numbers by 11
  • Multiplication of three digit numbers by 11
  • Multiplication of four digit numbers by 11
  • Multiplication by 12
  • Multiplication by Thumb Rule
  • Multiplication of two same digit numbers
  • Multiplication of numbers using the base 10, 100, 1000
  • Multiplication of Multiples and Submultiples
  • Multiplication of Number series of 9
  • Multiplication of numbers by Criss-Cross Method

Level 4

  • Digital Roots
  • Divisibility
  • Fractions
  • Squares
  • Cubes
  • Square Roots
  • Cube Roots
  • Division of Double Digit Numbers

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