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Features of Vedic maths

Vedic maths is very useful in every way for maths- for students to develop faster skills in calculation helping them score higher in math exams and olympiads or in everyday life.

  • Vedic Sutras: Vedic Maths is based on its Vedic Sutras which are speed building methods or formulas. Once we know these formulas we can build on speed and accuracy.
  • Time-Saving: The speed-building techniques in Vedic Maths help to save a lot of time. The conventional methods of calculation do help in a good understanding of maths. But to become competitive in Vedic Maths is a must.
  • Helps in School Exams and Math Olympiad. Students are Vedic Maths are comfortably able to score higher in school in maths and attain higher ranks in math olympiads. The exams and olympiads test the child’s ability in maths. It always challenges the math student to do more math questions in less time with accuracy. Students of Vedic Maths are taught in speed building.
  • Easy to Learn.  The methods are easy to learn and even an 8 year old can start learning vedic maths easily. In just 8 months of time the entire course can be completed. As per the age group, Winaum Learning offers junior and senior programs.
  • Application in Algebra. Some of the main topics coming under algebra include Basics of algebra, exponents, simplification of algebraic expressions, polynomials, quadratic equations, etc. The speed-building methods of Vedic maths are applicable in these. All the functions use addition, subtraction, multiplication, division etc. 
  • Application in Geometry. Geometry is a branch of mathematics that studies the sizes, shapes, positions, angles, and dimensions of things. Flat shapes like squares, circles, and triangles are a part of flat geometry and are called 2D shapes. Calculation of area/perimeters requires multiplication and addition as per the questions applicable. 

About Winaum Learning

Winaum Learning offers an educational platform for kids for developing their  skills in Maths via (Curriculum program-Grow with Maths and Vedic Maths ), Handwriting, and English grammar. It offers kids online live classes and offline sessions done in small batches through its trained and expert teachers. It organizes competitions also for maths-IMC  and handwriting- IHC. Know more by signing up for a trial class.

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