Winaum Learning has several math Tutoring centres nearby your homes online and offline in Delhi NCR which offers maths classes with the carefully designed curriculum as per the CBSE and ICSE Board. The classes are conducted in small batches.

Tutoring Centres Nearby your Home with Maplemaths

Tutoring centers nearby your homes with Maplemaths focus to develop maths skills among kids with good conceptual understanding.  The child should be able to build and use different associations in number concepts. There are different topics in maths like addition, subtraction , multiplication, division and higher calculations. Now the one concept here is related to another, so the child should be able to understand the relationships involved. And finally application of maths learning in the everyday life.

Every child has different set of skills.  Each child has different strengths and weakness. That is why it is important to have classrooms with small batch sizes. This brings out greater individuality of every child and also ensure higher retention of the concepts taught. This leads to better scores in academics.

All the mathematics olympiads and competitive exams have one thing in common. They offer more questions to attempt and give comparatively lesser time to finish. This  means one needs to be competitive to win the competition out there. Hence the speed in calculations play a very important role. To know more about importance of calculations, click here

Math Competition and Olympiads improves child’s aptitude and instill competitive spirit among them. Olympiads improve class results and students gain additional knowledge. This in turn builds there confidence in maths. Students tend to develop analytical thinking which is useful for every examination. Learn more on how to become a maths champion, click here

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Tutoring Centers Nearby your Home

FAQ Maplemaths

The program of MapleMaths program is run in the tutoring centers nearby your home offline and online. It has 4 levels. Each level is 2 months making it an 8-month duration to complete all four levels.  The program has 3 categories

  • Foundation Program- It focuses on Number Sense development for kids. Students eligible in this category are of Class KG and Class 1.
  • Junior Program- This is relevant for kids of class 2 to class 5. The focus of the program is to teach mental maths skills along with math activities and games.
  • Senior Program- This is relevant for kids of class 6 to Class 10. Students learn speed-building techniques in higher calculations in this program.

Students take twice a week class of 1 hour each to learn the math skills in this program according to their applicable category.

Assessments are integral part of Maplemaths program. It has continuous formal assessments every three months. Over and above children attend continuously maths practice tests to improve their skills.

  • Maplemaths offers simple easy solution to children for solving maths questions.
  • Students learn short cut methods along with school calculations methods.
  • Speed building short cut methods help them save time in doing questions with accuracy in maths olympiads and tests.
  • Games in the program builds their interest and develop their love and fun with maths.
  • It develops their competitiveness and confidence in maths.
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About Winaum Learning

Winaum Learning offers an educational platform for kids for developing their  skills in Maths via (Curriculum program-Grow with Maths and Vedic Maths ), Handwriting, and English grammar. It offers kids online live classes and offline sessions done in small batches through its trained and expert teachers. It organizes competitions also for maths-IMC  and handwriting- IHC. Know more by signing up for a trial class.