Mental Maths for Class 3

Mental Maths of Class 3 students are enhanced by Winaum Learning trained and certified teachers that offer an excellent maths learning environment to students that helps them develop confidence in the subject.

Special Online Session to develop Mental Maths for Students of Class 3 and Parents

Enhance Your Math Skills for Class 3 with
The Magic of Mental Math Techniques !

Are You Looking To Enhance Your Child's Math Skills & Discover the Secret to Effortless Math ?
Join our Junior & Senior Mental Maths Program for a Mind-Transforming Experience!

Is Your Child of Class 3 Facing These Challenges ?

Relying heavily on finger counting for simple math tasks.

Heavy reliance on rough work for math problems.

Struggles with addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division.

Feeling Low confidence in solving math problems.

Difficulty with mental calculations.

Difficulty in understanding and applying mathematical concepts.

Struggling with fractions, decimals, or Square ,cube root.

Feeling anxious and overwhelmed by math exams and assessments?

What will you learn ?

Competitive edge in exams

Provides a competitive edge in exams and competitions.

Academic & career success

Acquire lifelong skills for academic and career success.

Boost Calculation Speed

Boosts calculation speed up to 10 times faster than conventional Maths.

Math Accuracy

Enhances accuracy and precision in calculations.

Reducing the burden

Eliminates the need for scratch work, reducing the burden on students.

Making math enjoyable

Eradicates math phobia, making math enjoyable and approachable.

Excel in academics

Excel in academics and daily life with speed and accuracy.

Develop self-confidence

Develop self-confidence and love for mathematics.

Who Should Attend The Program?

Student of Grade 3

Students get experience of the class and develop the interest to enhance their mathematical skills.


After knowing about the syllabus and how the child learning shall progress to develop mental maths , parents can take the decision for admission.

Our Programs to develop mental maths for Class 3

Fundamentals Mastery Program

vedic maths book for junior students

Junior Mental Maths Program

vedic maths book for junior students to develop mental maths

Senior Mental Maths Program

vedic maths book for senior students for grade 5, grade 6, grade 7, grade 8, grade 9

Our specialized Mental Maths program is designed to address these issues and empower your child to excel in math with ease and confidence. Let us help your child unlock their full potential in mathematics and enjoy the journey of learning!

What Students are saying

Student Name

Student - Class VII

Ms. Reshu Arora

Teacher - Baddi International School, Himachal Pradesh

Know More About Your Trainer

Manjusha Sehra

Founder - Winaum Learning

Hello! I’m Manjusha Sehra, and my mission is to empower people worldwide through Maths and personality development.With a passion for education, I specialize in Vedic Maths, offering transformative techniques for mental math and quick problem-solving. I’ve successfully led teacher training and student workshops, making a positive impact on their success. Through my unique programs in Vedic Maths, Handwriting, and Graphotherapy, I aim to help students improve their academic growth and unleash their hidden potential. Let’s embark on this journey together and unlock the path to success!

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In this One to One Session, We will explore

Frequently Asked Questions

The students of Grade 3  will take mental maths online sessions in Zoom or equivalent platform. We will share the Link to join the Workshop in the WhatsApp group or email on your respective registered email id.

Recordings are available in the panel.

Many a time students struggle in maths. They are slow in calculations also and develop math fear.  Mental Maths of class 3 students are developed through classes at Winaum Learning. Students of  kids of class 3 remove math phobia and develop confidence in the subject. They tend to understand maths very well and solve the sums with speed and accuracy. Hence they are able to score higher in math exams and competitions.

Students of Mental Maths of Grade 3 attend sessions twice a week.

Students are given study material which includes textbooks, formula guides, and tips & tricks sheet.

Winaum Learning conducts  Mental  Maths Classes  for students of class 3 through ONLINE Training Centers.  To get the information about the course, just click on buttons for signup or link for a free trial and fill in your details.

By knowing mental maths students of class3 are able to do calculations in the head. Therefore the students eleminate maths fear, start loving maths subject, become competitive for olympiads and score higher in maths exams.

Learning is excellent for the brain to grow. When it stops learning, brain growth also stops. Mental Mathsof class 3 gives a new dimension of maths learning to the kids.  The logic of maths calculations is explained here in Mathematics in a very easy manner and it is comfortable to pick up the calculative logic for every child. With time the mind is able to deal with higher difficulty levels and the brain grows. The neural network of the brain creates new pathways and one becomes brilliant and it keeps your brain fine for years. Know more about maths learning is important.

Yes, Mental Maths of class 3 definitely enhances students’ academic performance in school maths understanding and maths competitions.

There are a lot a benefits of Mental Maths as  kids become very comfortable with doing maths and they completely eliminate maths fear.  Therefore they generate love for maths.

Mental Maths of class 3 helps to save time in doing maths. They reduce rough work and do not use finger counting. It makes your maths sums doing speed faster 10-15 times than otherwise. 

Mental Maths Quizzes

Here are some mental math quizzes suitable for Grade 3 students:


  1. Calculate: 45 + 27.
  2. What is 136 + 249?
  3. Add: 578 + 396.


  1. Subtract: 752 – 319.
  2. Find the difference: 498 – 257.
  3. If you have 864 marbles and you give away 237, how many do you have left?


  1. What is 6 multiplied by 8?
  2. Calculate: 7 x 9.
  3. If you have 5 boxes, and each box has 4 toy cars, how many toy cars do you have altogether?


  1. Divide 63 by 7.

These questions are designed to help Grade 3 students practice and improve their mental math skills.

Mental Maths Excercise

Here are 10 mental math questions with their answers suitable for Class 3:


Question 1 : What is 38 + 27?

Answer: 65

Question 2 : Add 156 + 247.

Answer: 403

Question 3 : Calculate: 569 + 324.

Answer: 893


Question 4: Subtract 482 – 169.

Answer: 313

Question 5: Find the difference: 598 – 274.

Answer: 324

Question 6: If you have 847 marbles and you give away 315, how many do you have left?

Answer: 532


Question 7 : What is 7 multiplied by 9?

Answer: 63

Question 8 : Calculate: 6 x 8.

Answer: 48

Question 9 : If you have 4 boxes, and each box has 6 pencils, how many pencils do you have altogether?

Answer: 24


Question 10 : Divide 72 by 8.

Answer: 9

These questions and answers cover a range of arithmetic skills and are suitable for Class 3 students to practice their mental math abilities. © 2023 | Privacy Policy
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