Mental Maths for Class 2

Mental Maths of Class 2 students are enhanced by Winaum Learning trained and certified teachers that offer an excellent maths learning environment to students that helps them develop confidence in the subject. Class 2 mental math skills include addition and subtraction , understanding basic number patterns and introduction to multiplication/division . Students practice mental calculations to build a strong foundation in mathematics.

Special Online Session to develop Mental Maths for Students of Class 2 and Parents

Enhance Your Math Skills for Class 2 with
The Magic of Mental Math Techniques !

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Is Your Child of Class 2 Facing These Challenges ?

Relying heavily on finger counting for simple math tasks.

Heavy reliance on rough work for math problems.

Struggles with addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division.

Feeling Low confidence in solving math problems.

Difficulty with mental calculations.

Difficulty in understanding and applying mathematical concepts.

Struggling with fractions, decimals, or Square ,cube root.

Feeling anxious and overwhelmed by math exams and assessments?

What will you learn ?

Competitive edge in exams

Provides a competitive edge in exams and competitions.

Academic & career success

Acquire lifelong skills for academic and career success.

Boost Calculation Speed

Boosts calculation speed up to 10 times faster than conventional Maths.

Math Accuracy

Enhances accuracy and precision in calculations.

Reducing the burden

Eliminates the need for scratch work, reducing the burden on students.

Making math enjoyable

Eradicates math phobia, making math enjoyable and approachable.

Excel in academics

Excel in academics and daily life with speed and accuracy.

Develop self-confidence

Develop self-confidence and love for mathematics.

Who Should Attend The Program?

Student of Grade 2

Students get experience of the class and develop the interest to enhance their mathematical skills.


After knowing about the syllabus and how the child learning shall progress to develop mental maths , parents can take the decision for admission.

Our Programs to develop mental maths for Class 2

Fundamentals Mastery Program

vedic maths book for junior students

Junior Mental Maths Program

vedic maths book for junior students to develop mental maths

Senior Mental Maths Program

vedic maths book for senior students for grade 5, grade 6, grade 7, grade 8, grade 9

Our specialized Mental Maths program is designed to address these issues and empower your child to excel in math with ease and confidence. Let us help your child unlock their full potential in mathematics and enjoy the journey of learning!

What Students are saying

Student Name

Student - Class IX

Ms. Reshu Arora

Teacher - Baddi International School, Himachal Pradesh

Know More About Your Trainer

Manjusha Sehra

Founder - Winaum Learning

Hello! I’m Manjusha Sehra, and my mission is to empower people worldwide through Maths and personality development.With a passion for education, I specialize in Vedic Maths, offering transformative techniques for mental math and quick problem-solving. I’ve successfully led teacher training and student workshops, making a positive impact on their success. Through my unique programs in Vedic Maths, Handwriting, and Graphotherapy, I aim to help students improve their academic growth and unleash their hidden potential. Let’s embark on this journey together and unlock the path to success!

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In this One to One Session, We will explore

Mental Math Exercise for Class 2 students:

1. Addition: 

  • 23 + 15 
  • 48 + 29
  • 57 + 36

2. Subtraction: 

a) 75 – 38

b) 62 – 27

c) 49 – 14

3. Counting:

a) Count by 2s from 2 to 20.

b) Count by 5s from 5 to 50.

c) Count by 10s from 10 to 100.

4. Number Patterns:

a) What comes next? 4, 8, 12, ____

b) What comes before? 35, 30, 25, ____

c) Fill in the missing numbers: 9, __, 15, __, 21

5. Addition and Subtraction Mix:

a) 56 + 27 – 14

b) 42 – 18 + 23

c) 68 + 15 – 37

Encourage students to solve these questions mentally to build their mental math skills and increase confidence in basic arithmetic.

Mental Math Quizzes

  1. Skill Development: Quizzes help children practice addition, subtraction, and other math concepts, improving their mental math abilities.

  2. Quick Thinking: Quizzes encourage fast thinking and calculations, which are useful in daily life situations.

  3. Confidence Building: Successfully solving problems in quizzes boosts a child’s confidence in their math skills.

  4. Retention: Regular mental math practice aids in retaining math facts and strategies.

  5. Engagement: Quizzes make learning fun and interactive, motivating students to participate actively.

  6. Assessment: Teachers and parents can assess a child’s math progress through quiz performance.

  7. Preparation: Mental math skills learned through quizzes prepare students for more advanced math concepts.

Incorporating mental math quizzes in Class 2 education helps students develop a strong foundation in mathematics and a positive attitude towards the subject.

Solved Examples:

Quiz 1: Addition

Question 1: What is 25 + 17?

Answer 1: 42

Quiz 2: Subtraction

Question 2: If you have 45 candies, and you give 18 candies to your friend, how many candies do you have left?

Answer 2: 27

These questions and answers can be used to quiz Class 2 students on addition and subtraction skills.

Frequently Asked Questions

The students of Grade 2  will take mental maths online sessions in Zoom or equivalent platform. We will share the Link to join the Workshop in the WhatsApp group or email on your respective registered email id.

Recordings are available in the panel.

Mental Maths in Class 2 enhances problem-solving, builds number sense, boosts confidence, and fosters quick thinking. It’s a crucial skill for daily life, fostering mathematical fluency and critical thinking.

Students of Mental Maths of Grade 2 attend sessions twice a week.

Students are given study material which includes textbooks, formula guides, and tips & tricks sheet.

Maths teacher in Winaum Learning  for Class 2 uses interactive and engaging methods, offer regular practice, encourage mental calculations, use visual aids, and provide constructive feedback to help children build and refine their mental math skills effectively. To get the information about the course, just click on buttons for signup or link for a free trial and fill in your details.

Mental Maths in Class 2 improves calculation speed, boosts confidence, enhances problem-solving, sharpens critical thinking, and builds a strong foundation for advanced math concepts.

Yes, mental math exercises regularly engage the brain, enhancing its agility by requiring quick calculations, memory recall, and problem-solving. This ongoing mental stimulation helps maintain cognitive sharpness and mathematical proficiency. Know more about why maths learning is important.

Yes, Mental Maths of class 2 definitely enhances students’ academic performance in school maths understanding and maths competitions.

Mental math in Grade 2 can foster a positive attitude toward math by making it less intimidating and more enjoyable, potentially igniting a love for mathematics. Know all about benefits of Mental Maths.

Certainly, mental maths for class 2 equips children with rapid calculation abilities, aiding in time-saving tasks like adding or subtracting numbers quickly, estimating, and making decisions promptly. These skills enhance efficiency in daily activities and build a strong foundation for more complex math concepts in the future. © 2023 | Privacy Policy
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