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Online Mental Maths Classes in Canada locations of Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa, Winnipeg, Cubic City are the best at Winaum Learning.

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Online Mental Maths Classes in locations of Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa, Winnipeg, Cubic City in Canada provides a great learning environment for kids in the category Maths Classes in Ontario. The teacher centers offers online and offline offers an active learning platform for kids and there is great positive feedback from parents both online and offline in Canada. Over the course of its journey, Winaum Learning online center has established a firm foothold in maths classes. The belief that students and parents work together as a team with the teacher has helped Winaum Learning get a vast base of students, which continues to grow by the day. Winaum Learning employs teachers and counselors that are dedicated to their respective roles and put in a lot of effort to achieve the student’s educational goals. Winaum Learning with its programs in maths, English, and Handwriting has been able to contribute to 12000+ students across India, US, Canada,UK, Europe and Australia. In the near future, Winaum Learning aims to expand its line of products and services and provide services across the world.

Online Mental Maths Classes in Canada & Much More

At Winaum Lerning Centers children learn with a lots of -
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Mental Maths

We help your kids develop mental maths skills with speed building techniques.

Vedic Maths Classes Near Me

School Maths Calculation

We help your kids reinforce the methods of calculations taught in the school.

Vedic Maths Classes Near Me

Word Problems

We help your child understand word problems , visualize and thereby they can solve it easily

vedic maths classes near me

Maths Games/Activities

We help your kids reinforce the methods of calculations taught in the school.

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Online Mental Maths Classes FAQs

Mental Maths is a system of calculation which has a lot short cut tricks and techniques for faster calculation. This will help children to reduce rough work and finger counting. Knowing the mental maths, children generally score higher in maths at school and in math olympiads.

  • Mental Maths offers simpler and faster methods of calculation to students.
  • It develops their understanding of Maths.
  • Both the junior and Senior Mental Maths helps children develop their mathematical ability to attain high at school maths, and better competitive exams.
  • It is learnt and mastered with ease and in a very very short time.
  • It also provides a group of independent cross-checking methods.
  • Problems are reduced to one-line answers.
  • Reduces dependence on calculators.
  • Games and maths activities during this program develop a student’s interest and build fun learning environment.

Vedic Maths Classes is relevant to students in every grade from Class 3 – 10th . Each student attends three sessions every week.  However, the program would move as per the learning ability  and pace of the child.

Students are taught in small batch sizes to ensure personal attention to each and every student.

Yes, periodic assessments are a part of the program. Before joining the program, the kids are assessed to know their strength areas and areas of improvement. Thereby after understanding the student’s current mathematical ability, students are guided to boost their logical skills. As per the approach guided within the curriculum, the child’s ability is re-assessed through continuous tests. This offers a transparent progress chart of the kid. Thereby teaming up with parents, the teacher and students work together for a standard goal of student’s maths development.

It is an (after-school) math-learning programme. As a result, while home-based tuitions focuses primarily on the school syllabus and preparing students for their tests and exams. This is a maths skill program which intends to develop calculative ability of the child. It thereby helps in school maths and also at maths olympiads.

Winaum Learning offers Mental Maths Classes all over the world. To get the information about the course, just click on buttons for signup or link for free trial and fill in your details.  The coordinating team shall contact you and give you  information about the course , arrange a free trial for your child and share the fee details.

Most of the children have struggled with math calculations at various ages in class. Some children face math difficulty in early ages. After they become old,sometimes it becomes a math phobia and youngsters start hating math classes. But with Mental maths coaching, it can change.  Winaum Learning offers Mental Maths coaching across the world. The engaging curriculum helps kids to eliminate their fear of maths and kids start loving maths. These calculations have a lot of tricks and shortcuts that help children to calculate faster. Know more by clicking here.

The most common problem that is found among children while doing maths is, that they are slow in calculations. Calculation is based on four main pillars which are addition, subtraction, multiplication and division and of course higher calculative ability also. Once the kids get comfortable with numbers and they know how to do it faster, their confidence keeps on growing from one class to another. The course offers a variety of short cut methods helping kids to solve difficult math calculations easily. Surely, once the kids are done with course , they love maths even more.

Many a time when we ask children, how would they feel if they get a little time during the exam. Almost all of them will say , they would feel great. Students with this extra time would be able to recheck their answers and revise the whole paper.Now since Vedic Maths helps children to do calculations faster with a lot tricks and techniques. Once the kids has understood the math question, knowing the faster method to calculate the answer , they would save a lot of time. Each second saved is extra time earned. So Vedic maths helps kids save a lot of time in while doing calculations with the variety of methods the course offers.

When the children become older and join offices for work, all of them use calculators and computers for calculation, especially in the financial and assets field. But early dependence on calculators isn’t a good sign. The more we train our brain with mental calculations the brain also grows. With Vedic Maths, you learn lots of fast calculation techniques that facilitate you to save lots of time, and thereby there’s less dependency on calculators.

The brain becomes dull when it stops learning new things. With Mental Maths, children learn to appear at the numbers from a brand new angle. The logic of maths calculations is explained here in a very very easy manner and it’s easier to choose up for each child. With time the mind is in a position to accommodate higher difficulty level and therefore the brain grows. The neural network of brain create new pathways and you become more intelligent and it keeps your brain healthy for years.

Students are given study material which includes textbooks, formula guides, and tips & tricks sheet.


Winaum Learning has trained and certified teachers for teaching Mental Maths Online in Torontal, Ontario. 

Yes, it will definitely help children in school maths and math olympiads. Mental maths will help you improve your calculation speed which is a boon during examinations.

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