Importance of Handwriting

Here in this article, we shall discuss handwriting importance, its need, and how it helps kids in academic development and overall personality growth.  Learning of Handwriting whether cursive handwriting or print handwriting depends majorly on the school’s teaching. Writing legibly is important.  It develops fine motor skills among children.  Not only it has helped them getting remarks like very good, excellent, or stars from the teachers that would always build up their confidence but also in scoring higher in their academic exams. Here below know more about the handwriting importance.

Handwriting and its importance

Handwriting  depicts one’s personality index and with Graphology one can easily analyse the handwriting of a person.  The students possessing the treasure of good handwriting always emerge victorious not only in the field of academics but also in the world of expression. The persona of an individual can be crafted well with impressive handwriting skills. Handwriting is a distinctive feature for any individual to explicitly demonstrate hidden talent & emotions. Legible handwriting not only wins the heart of many but builds a creative image in the mind of the observer or the reader.

Good handwriting (cursive handwriting or print handwriting) skill is one of the important parts of education. It means a lot in one’s life. If the handwriting style is good, neat & clear; the reader or examiner will take interest in reading what we have written. If handwriting is bad, one will try best to get rid of reading illegible content. This is very clear that our freedom fighters, as well as our father of the nation, experienced many problems due to bad handwriting in their life. Although he became a barrister, yet he always felt that his studies were incomplete due to illegible handwriting. He suggested all those who wish to be successful in life, must improve their handwriting, Hence, all the more important of good handwriting. It is itself an art which we get from our childhood. If the handwriting is neat & tidy, our concentration and study will automatically increase. It will help to revive & register the concepts. Hence handwriting importance and its role in academics success rise even more. In addition, it also gives us a sense of happiness because of the appreciation we get for good handwriting. If we engage children in cursive writing at an early age then gradually the handwriting improves.

Good handwriting certainly earns better scores. The same answer sheet is awarded higher marks if the handwriting is neat. Good handwriting integrates the mind, body & soul and results in more effective & efficient results. Handwriting is an art that empowers the writer and extracts the creative edge embedded in one’s life.

Fine handwriting is usually a synonym of fine motor skills. Penning down thoughts in clear handwriting also enables us to retain the learned content. It tends to resonate better in our brains. Though we are part of the digital world, most of us still write in some way every single day. It equates one’s feelings & thoughts to be more personal & meaningful. It is also very important to note that it is not about just dotting those words and consonants but gradually building the content over a period of time. Good handwriting is in a true sense asset for life. Thus, educators must encourage kids to improve their handwriting at the elementary stage itself. Nevertheless, even adults must be gradually molded into the mindset of writing in neat & clear hands.

Winaum Learning has been instrumental in bringing about a positive change in the handwriting of the students. Winaum arranges regular Inter-School Handwriting Contests and motivates kids to focus on improving their handwriting skills. Simple yet very vital pointers have helped many students to not only identify their writing flaws but also correct them with appropriate standards. A sample report with the correct formation of letters has proved to be very handy for students. It provides them with reasonable reason to comprehend and rectify their errors in handwriting. Winaum also provides Maths Olympiad for students to follow. They have been providing opportunities to not only improve but excel in the formation of letters. A great initiative which has started training the students in the field of handwriting. There is now a great platform for the school students provided by Winaum & Inter School Handwriting Contest which has given new hope to many students who were struggling to get breakthrough in their handwriting. Fortunately, there is now a great learning path for them to enhance their handwriting.


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