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Best Way of Learning Vedic Maths

Professor Jo Boaler says, “students learn math best when they work on problems they enjoy, rather than exercises and drills they fear”, so the best way to learn vedic maths is by knowing all the tricks of Vedic Maths, practicing regularly, applying to school maths, learning by application, get trained by top teachers of Vedic Maths. 

Vedic Maths is a system of learning maths that focuses on speed building and accuracy. It has a lot of short-cut tricks and techniques also called Vedic Sutras which help to reduce the time take taken in doing maths questions. With Vedic Maths, one can reduce rough work drastically and develop mental ability. There are 16 sutras and 13 sub-sutras in Vedic Maths. To get to know Vedic Maths it is important to follow the steps below while learning the methodology.

1. Get the Basic Understanding of Maths Operations. 

A Child in grade 3 can easily do the maths operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Doing a junior Vedic Maths Program is absolutely comfortable once these concepts are clear. 

Grade 5 onwards, students understand easily higher calculations like squares, roots, square roots, decimals, and divisibility along with the four mathematical operations. Doing a Senior Vedic maths program would be easy for them to understand.

Once the learner knows the conventional methods, he/she can be trained to build upon the speed with Vedic Sutras.  So, the best way to learn vedic maths is choosing the vedic maths syllabus junior or senior as per the level of understanding of the child. 

2. Learn Maths by doing :

Maths is a hands-on subject. It is important to practice daily in maths. Times of India published an article titled – Importance of Maths in Every Day Life. Maths is in our real world. Just for example ,simply Working in the kitchen has maths in it.

  1. measuring ingredients to follow a recipe
  2. multiplying / dividing fractions to account for more or less than a single batch
  3. converting a recipe from Celsius to Fahrenheit
  4. converting a recipe from metric (mL) to standard units (teaspoon, tablespoon, cups)
  5. calculating cooking time per each item 
  6. Calculating cooking time
  7. understanding ratios and proportions, particularly in baking
  • Start by solving examples. Don’t start by solving complex problems. …

Books of Winaum Learning for Vedic Maths has all the exercises along with examples. Examples of maths sums help to know the methodology in doing maths sums and exercises given would help in practicing of the student.

  • Note down all formulae. …

One can make a list of all the formulae in maths and Vedic Maths as per the grade of the child and practice the questions related to those formulas on a regular basis. So practicing by doing exercises is one more best way to learn vedic maths.


3. Master the Key Concepts.

Inorder to master all the concepts in maths one needs to complete all the home work received from the class teacher. One has to ensure that no class is missed as maths moves fast and the concepts in maths build upon one another so missing one class can mean falling behind.When you make mistake, analyse and one may discuss with the teacher in case the need arises.Learn from the mistakes done and practice again. The teachers at Winaum Learning have sessions with 1:1 personal attention which really helps the child.


4. Understand your Doubts

Sometimes when you have doubts , one should not skip the question and move on to the next , instead one should spend time understanding the process of solving by discussing with teacher or oneself.


5. Special Vedic Maths Classes from Experts of Winaum Learning.

Winaum Learning has well-trained teachers for Vedic Maths. The classes are conducted in small groups to ensure personal attention to each student. Assignments are given and orals are practiced regularly in the sessions. The sessions are conducted both online and offline. The online aids used by Winaum Learning have an interactive whiteboard wherein both teachers and students write. This helps students to understand the concepts very clearly.

Vedic Math Syllabus for students

Vedic Maths can be done both by junior and senior kids. Click below to know the syllabus.

Vedic Math Syllabus for Grade 2-5

Vedic Math Syllabus for Grade 6-9

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