Maths helps in Robotics

Maths helps in Robotics with many of its concepts having applications in learning robotics. A robot is a machine made by human beings using science, engineering, and technology. It replicates human actions and assists them. Let’s find out how maths is contributing to Robotics:

  • Algebra:  It is that part of maths that deals with symbols to represent numbers and quantities to deal with equations. Algebra has patterns and relationships which are used in the concepts of speed, time, distance, and force in Robotics. 
  • Making Robotics requires the use of Geometry. Geometry is part of Mathematics that studies the sizes, shapes, positions angles, and dimensions. Many robots are made with the use of wheels requiring the concepts of circles, area, and perimeter.
  • Concepts of Statistics is also used in Robotics. The robots once made are required to perform certain tasks. Data is analyzed for the Robots for their speed, use of force, the performance of tasks.  
  • Calculus is a concept in maths developed by Newton and Leibniz. It deals with the study of the rate of change. It has concepts on differentiation, integration, limits, and functions.
  • Differential Equation: It is an equation that has one or more derivatives. The derivative means a rate of change. The differential equation is a relationship between the quantity that is continuously changing in accordance with the change in another quantity.

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