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“Maplemaths has increased my Interest and Love for Maths”- Shilpy Khurana

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How Maplemaths develops strong math foundation

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Q1. Hi Shilpy, kindly share your profile with us?

Ans. I am (Chem Hons) graduate from Kirori Mal College and I am a teaching at Sri Ram Global School, Delhi.

Q2. Kindly share your experience on Maplemaths and how it is helping?

Let me start with a quote, which you must have all heard ” Better Late Than Never”

You would be surprised being a teacher I had the maths phobia and always hated maths as a subject. I hated my maths class, my maths teacher, my maths books and everything related to numbers. My calculation speed was very slow. And I had thought that this shall never improve and maths shall always remain my weakness. Then suddenly Maplemaths came to my life. And my life changed. I wish had I got the opportunity to do know Maths in this new way when I was in School. Thereby, my approach to numbers would have been totally different.

Anyways, now I am “Transformed”.

  • My Calculation Speed is tripled
  • I am Confident not only for myself, however for also the kids whom I teach now.

Maplemaths gives a lot of benefits to children:-

  • It removes the fear of maths by giving quick tricks, which helps students calculate fastest.
  • It removes finger counting.
  • By learning of the tricks you will get the zeal to do more maths.
  • It gives excellence to students as it saves time in each question and they get more time for revision.
  • The programme not only give the tricks but helps the child to build his/her base for maths and make him/her feel that “Yes maths is not that difficult rather its simple“.
  • The maths kit that provided to the student is amazing with multiple features like Junior Kit has very nice bag with books, games, cards, and pouch         ….
  • The programme make students enjoy with lot games and activities . Learn more on how to make maths interesting by clicking here

Before enrolling into the program, the student is assessed to understand his/her strengths and weak areas and accordingly teacher focuses when the student is being taught in the class.

The program is for 1 year having 4 levels each in Junior Category for class II-V and senior Category for Class VI-X. To know more about Maplemaths FAQ click here

Another important aspect of the program is that its a result oriented program with a continuous focus on kids improvement and every 3 months the student is assessed and progress is shared with the parents.

Hence, in this program students concepts are cleared, maths skill is taken to the next level, removing the phobia and finger counting problems, the program is a boon for all of us -teachers and students.

Q 2 .What did you like the most in the MapleMaths?
Ans. The concepts and the techniques. To know more on the learning mehodology maplemaths uses click here

Q3.  What  changes will this program bring in for students?
Ans. It will help improvise of students’s score in school and beyond. Click here to know how Maplemaths transforms your child.

Q 4 .How do you rate the program subject matter on a scale of 5 ?
Ans. 5/5

Q 5 .How do rate the overall effectiveness of the program subject matter on a scale of 5 ?

It was great talking to you Shilpy! We wish you all the best for your future undertakings.

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