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Maths Franchise / Teacher Partner FAQ 

[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Maths Franchise and teacher partner programs with Maplemaths support our maths teachers with proper academic training, marketing training ,counselling training and a maths joy kit with games, activity and books for students to develop their skill in Maths. To know more about Maplemaths click here

Q1. What is program duration?

Maplemaths program has 4 levels in both the categories -Junior and Senior and each level for three months, making it 12 month program focusing on mental maths.

Q2. How many hours our teachers need to teach kids?

Ans. Two hours per week is good enough for teaching, rest as per the pace of the child.

Q3. What is the duration of teacher’s training for the Junior Program?

Ans Its 6-7 hours

Q4. What is the duration of  teacher’s training for the Senior Program?

Ans. 10-12 hours

Q5. How will the training be provided?

Ans. Trainings are done online.

Q6. How will our teacher get students enrollments ?

Ans. Our Maplemaths teacher works jointly with our Maplemaths Team for spreading awareness about the program. We use both print media and online marketing support for our teachers which eventually leads to enrollments. A dedicated support is given to our teachers throughout to guide them and mentor them for being a successful teaching entrepreneur.

Q7. Does the teacher need a set up before starting?

Ans. Our teachers can teach from home without the need of any big setup. However, many a Preschools and activity centers also have successfully implemented the program.

Q8. Is there any minimum qualification needed?

Ans. Before appointing teachers through the teacher partner program or franchise, teachers are initially screened. Preference is given to the candidate who atleast is a graduate in any of the streams.

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Teachers’ View

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At Sriram & GD Goenka Preschools

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Student’s View

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