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Online Vedic Maths Tutor Jobs in Ambala

Online Vedic Maths Tutor Job in Ambala, Haryana in India is a great opportunity to work from home for teachers. One can earn highly while teaching Vedic Maths to Kids from Class 1 to Class 10. Vedic Maths has a lot of shortcut tricks and methods for faster calculations. If you are not yet trained Join the Vedic Maths training Now or else apply for the Vedic Maths Teaching by signing up.

Eligibility for Online Vedic Maths Tutoring at Ambala

  • You should be available to work Part-Time
  • Time Preference required for the job : 2 pm -7 pm
  • Gender Preference: Female
  • Online Teaching
  • You should have a computer and decent internet connectivity.
  • Teach Vedic Maths to Junior Students from Grade 1-5  and Senior Students Grade 6-10
  • Excellent presentation and English Communication Skills

Job Description for Online Vedic Maths Tutor at Ambala

If you are looking for a highly rewarding work-from-home opportunity in Ambala that offers flexible hours in working from home. Then Winaum Learning Vedic Maths which is work from home for the teachers is a great opportunity. This is an Online Vedic Maths Tutor Job in Ambala where teachers are required to teach from home in an online format offering a structured curriculum to students. We are looking for teachers who are trained in Vedic maths and have a passion for teaching children. For this, we need graduates of any stream to teach kids for classes 1- 10.

  • Conduct Online Classes in small Batches and be prepared in advance for the lessons.
  • Teach in an easy way to make learning interesting for kids.
  • Ensure each child participates in the learning process and keep the lectures engaging.
  • Make assessments and records of students’ progress.
  • Preparing the courses and Lessons.
  • Active Involvement in teaching the students.
  • Understanding, Planning, and Presentation of Lessons to the requirement of the students. Making assignments for the batch
  • Assessment, Recording, and Reporting on the progress of students.
  • Communicating and offering feedback to the parents during PTM or as and when required
  • Sharing Vedic Maths Knowledge to the students
  • Excellent Presentation and English Communication Skills

Step by Step Selection Process for Online Teaching Job

Profile Short Listing: 

The teacher has to submit her profile at Our team will call you and explain about the teaching opportunity. After the complete background check your application will be short-listed.


As per the Applicable Profile

Training & Evaluation:

Winaum Learning trains the teachers to become the master in teaching kids as per the course applicable. After completing the training, our academic department will do an evaluation by taking demo sessions.


After clearing the evaluation process, you become a Winaum Learning Certified Expert.

Why Become a Online Vedic Maths Tutor

Vedic maths training helps in faster calculations

Fond of Maths

Vedic Maths Teacher can earn better in school and beyond

Better Career Opportunities

Vedic Math Teachers Can easily start their online and offline centers

Start your Online Center

Small Batches for Classes

Love Kids

Change the Lives of Students

Highly Rewarding

Why Winaum Learning

Training from Vedic Math Trained and Expert Faculty

Training from Experts

students in the class can clear there doubts instantly

Instant Doubt Clearing

Small Batches for Classes

Small Batches for Grade 1 - 10

Students are taught from trained and expert teachers

Continuous Revisions

Online Classes that Live and Interactive

Online| Live| Interactive Sessions

Students score higher with Classes at Winaum Learning

Excel in Math Olympiad & School Exams

+ Students
+ Locations

FAQs for Online Vedic Maths Tutoring in Ambala

Vedic Maths concept has been developed by Shri Bharati Krishna Tirathji. He founded Vedic Maths. It is based on an old system of calculation found in the Vedas between 1911 and 1918.  Know more about What is Vedic Maths.

Students of a batch need to be given 2 sessions in a week by the teachers in Ambala for teaching online at Winaum Learning.

At Winaum Learning, Vedic Maths Maths Teacher in Ambala can earn up to Rs. 50,000 per month by teaching Vedic Maths.

For starting teaching with Winaum Learning, the teacher needs :

  • A Computer System –  laptop or desktop with webcam
  • Headphone with Mic
  • Wifi- Internet Connection

Additionally, there has to be a  noise-free area in the house for online classes. Hence, there is no special infrastructural requirement.

Not Yet Trained for Vedic Maths- Lets do it Now

What We Cover in Training

woman studying vedic maths book
teacher teaching in online classes to kids

Learning Outcomes


Vedic Maths Teacher Training Course

Vedic Maths Teachers Training Course at Winaum Learning is offered through online live and interactive sessions from Vedic Math Experts. It is a great career option and one can easily learn and easily earn higher incomes by teaching Vedic Maths.

Winaum Learning offers an educational platform for kids for developing their skills in Maths via (Curriculum program-Grow with Maths and Vedic Maths ), Handwriting, and English grammar. It offers kids online live classes and offline sessions done in small batches through its trained and expert teachers. It organizes competitions also for maths-IMC and handwriting- IHC. Know more by signing up for a trial class.

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