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Understanding the concepts is the prime focus of the program. Students should know the logic behind every problem /question answers in mathematics.

Continuous practice tests at Maplemaths ensures the accuracy in maths. Inorder to be competitive , students are taught a lot of mental maths techniques having simple ways to solve difficult calculations.

Activities and Games ensures a lively atmosphere of learning for children. Students feel self motivated to do maths.

The program is designed in a way that it helps children score highly in maths exams of schools and win maths olympiads.

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At Maplemaths there are 2 categories-

  • Junior Maplemaths- For class 2 to class 5
  • Senior Maplemaths -For class 6 to class 10

Both the programs is for 12 months duration divided in 4 levels. Each level is of 3 months each. Students need to attend two sessions per week.

The classes by Maplemaths teachers are taken in small batch sizes to ensure personal attention for every child. 

Before joining the program each child is assessed to know the current knowledge and skills of the child. And after every level when completed in 3 month of time , they are re-assessed to know their improvement.

Apart for the above, the students undergo continuous practice tests during the program.

Maplemaths curriculum in Junior Program includes the school methods of calculation, sharing the time -saving techniques and using activities with games for encouraging their interest, along with basic word problems.

The senior program curriculum is majorly focused with higher level speed calculation techniques, thereby contributing them save their time in attempting questions. Click here to know more about importance of maths calculations.

  • Maple Maths enriches knowledge and understanding of Maths.
  • The activities and games help children develop their interest in maths making them self motivated to do maths
  • The program helps students become competitive and hence it helps children score highly in school exams and competitions. To read more on how to become winner in maths click here.
  • Maple Math is complements to regular Math taught in schools.
  • It removes maths phobia, slow calculations and finger counting in students.
  • Speed techniques help them gain greater confidence in maths.

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