Summer Camp in Gurgaon for Kids

summer camp gurgaon
summer camp gurgaon

Summer Camp in Gurgaon

Winaum Learning offers the the best summer camp in Gurgaon for kids. Here the idea is to give children learning with fun.  This year the summer camp 2018 , the activities for kids including handwriting improvement, maths, robotics, photography, chess, calligrapy, speed writing, cursive handwriting for kids.

1) Theatre Camp

Summer Camp Theatre
Summer Camp Theatre

The 2 week theatre workshop would help children gain Self-Confidence when they learn to speak fearlessly on stage.

They work together in team helping and supporting each other ,with which the learn to cooperate and collaborate..They learn to deal with problems. They socialise and have the highest fun.The theatre workshop is organized by the team of First Personality.

Date 22 May- 9 June

Eligibility-Class 3- Class 8 students

Time 1pm-2:30pm

2) Robotics /Arduino Camp

Summer Camp Robotics
Summer Camp Robotics

Building robots has become the new craze of children. This summer at robotics workshop children learn to build the new models,

concepts in science, use their creativity and imagination. As per their age nd knowledge, they can do Programming or work with Arduino.

The Robotics Camp will be taken by professional robotic trainers.

Date :29 May to 2nd June

Eligibility-Class I-Class X students

Time 12pm-1:30pm

3) Handwriting Camp

Children can learn the art of handwriting by doing programs on Cursive handwriting or print handwriting in English , Hindi Handwriting, Speed Writing and Calligraphy.

Date :Different Batches in May and June

Summer Camp Handwriting
Summer Camp Handwriting

Eligibility:-Class I-Class X students

Duration of the Program- 10 days

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4) Maths Camp by MapleMaths 

Children learn the techniques of faster calculation, and get an edge in olympiads in school and beyond. Maplemaths is a practical way

Maths Summer Camp
Maths Summer Camp

of doing maths with games, speed skills, solving word problems. It removes maths phobia and finger counting in children. It helps in mental maths, calculating with one line answers and reduces their rough work.

Date :Different batches in May and June

Eligibility-Class III-Class X students

Duration: 20 Days

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5) English Beyond the class

Learn the key concepts in grammar and style to help enhance your writing and confidently respond to the need of child at school level and beyond.

Date :Different batches in May and June

Eligibility-Class I-Class IV students

Duration: 15 Days

6) Chess Camp

Summer Camp Chess Gurgaon
Summer Camp Chess 

Date : 5 June -16 June

Eligibility-Class I-Class VII students

Duration: 15 Days

7) Photography Camp

Learn the different syles of clicking photos- Object Photography, People Photography, Nature Photography summer camp theand Creative Photography.

Date : 22 May -26 May

Eligibility-Class VI-Class X students

Duration: 5 Days




8) Flameless Cooking

Summer Camp Flameless Cooking
Summer Camp Flameless Cooking

Learn the art of cooking without fire this summer. Make interesting dishes, dinning etiquette, recipes and enjoy the delicious and interesting food making camp.




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