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Winning is considered most important and here we share how to be no 1 in your studies. All parents of the school-going children and children themselves wish that they remain the winners in their classes. Be it the academic pursuits, or when they are following their passion in sports, dramatics, or other non-academic fields, they want to be seen as the winners.

To achieve that and to be on the high pedestal, always, there is only one way. BE REGULAR with your preparations and do not wait till the last, however good you may be. It’s doable. I am going to list a few steps that you need to take to be “No 1 in your studies”.

  1. BE PASSIONATE: It’s very important that you enjoy what you do, be it your studies, and other pursuits. PASSION QUOTIENT wins over anything else. Be it your studies or your career once you grow.
  2. PERSEVERANCE- STAY FOCUSED: Once you are passionate, you have to develop the knack of perseverance. Keep revising and repeating the task till you have developed perfection. Perfection to the level of doing things “blindfolded” and without a sweat. You go another level up – should be able to apply the knowledge in all situations.
  3. HAVE FUN ATTITUDE: You should enjoy what you are doing. This in itself should become your relaxation. Studies/practice/work should not become a chore, in fact, it should be taken as fun activity. This relaxed attitude will help you to be the winner always.
  4. LEARN TO DEAL WITH STRESS: This is something in your mind. Follow some of the following steps and you will always emerge as the winners.

Still, at times, the situation arises that children start showing signs of being uncomfortable with their studies. Parents and teachers have to have their feelers up, always, to be able to catch any signs that their children are not enjoying or are not comfortable with the studies in general or in any one or two subjects. Study of Math in particular is notorious that children do not grasp straight away with the result that they start showing signs of anxiety. Read here to know 4 reasons why kids struggle with maths. This is where children need all the support from their parents and teachers, both. In fact, it’s the peers too, who can help such children. In one of my earlier messages, I have covered means and methods of improving your skills in solving math problems. Don’t let these become your life problems that children become nervous, jittery to the extent that their health starts suffering. Parents/teachers, please do not let this become a career threatening situation! You can help them from the very beginning.

Way to Go for Success in Studies

  1. PLANNER: Get your children into the habit of preparing a Time Planner for their day’s activities. They will need your help in determining what is important, what is urgent, what can be shelved for the present and on what they need to focus. Please refer to Stephen Covey’s matrix (Quadrant Theory) given below. This knowledge will help the children to do better in their activities. They have to apportion time for studies as well as their leisure activities like games etc. Please keep track that they adhere to it. Initially, it will be difficult, however, with your help they will get into the habit of – PLANNING THE WORK AND WORKING THE PLAN.  Inorder to achieve to know  how to be no 1 in studies, this is really important.


         TIME MANAGEMENT: Please guide your children and     help them to learn the art of SMART way of time management.

         SMART is an acronym for Specific/Measurable/Achievable/Relevant/Time bound.

         SMART is also an acronym for Schedule/Make Time/Allot Time/Ration Time/Take Time from others.

         This cannot be the same for each individual, in fact, it is based on each student’s capabilities and interest in the subject(s). I reiterate, each one sets his/her own Time specified goals to meet success. I quote “inch by inch-it’s a cinch; yard by yard-it’s very hard” (Taken & adapted from the quote by John Bytheway and Brian Tracy). Again, the teachers and parents will need to assist children in selecting the inches, as per the capability of the child, to help them cover the yards.

  1. CLARITY OF THOUGHT: Be very sure that you understand the basics of each subject before you move on to the complex part of the studies later. Please do not carry your doubts beyond the moment you become aware of these. You can reach out to your teachers, parents and even your peers. But do not sleep over your doubts.
  2. BE A TEAM PLAYER: Studies can be done very well if you form a group/team. Each one to help others as per one’s strength. This will not only help others, in fact, this will help you. There is no better way of learning than teach someone else.
  3. BUILD A REFERANCE BASE: Keep a record of the types of questions generally set for testing the knowledge of a particular subject. Keep referring to the same and keep working on identical problems till you have solved the problem from all angles. Keep enlarging the base as you go along. You shall never find yourself out of practice.
  4. REMOVE THE STRESSORS: Each one of us have some stressors, which generally are of our own creation. If one is not able to solve a multiplication sum, this can become a stressor any time a multiplication sum is given to you, for others, theorem can be the stressor. On the first sign, please work on removing the stressor by solving more of multiplication sums or revising the theorems so that it becomes a fun part of your study and you shall notice that you are able to go through the subject without getting stress. So, what you need to do is, first, to identify the stressors and then work on these to remove these from your psyche. Otherwise, these will become unsurmountable obstacles and may stay with you for life.
  5. STAYING FIT: As our prime minister, Mr. Narinder Modi, gave a call to the nation to stay fit. It’s very important, to succeed in life, you have to be fit, both, in the body and mind. If you are not fit, you will, for-sure, miss out on your goals as you shall not be able to concentrate on your studies. A weak body and mind leads to loss of concentration. You shall not be able to participate in the sports also, as you will not have the stamina and the mental strength to deal with the strenuous training needed to excel in sports. Further, if you are not fit in the mind, it will lead to your mind being full of apprehensions, fear of failure, etc. and you will not be able to deal with adversity. It will have a lifelong effect on your employability quotient and success in your chosen career. So, do regular work out/exercises under an expert’s advice, take a balanced diet, think positive always, and do not come under stress of any kind.
  6. WIDEN THE HORIZON: Get into the habit of general reading. Be it books/magazines/Newspaper/ or digital feeds, any. Besides the subjects that you will be studying, do lots of general studies. You have to be aware of what’s happening around you. Read on environment, technological development taking place in the world, space studies – what’s happening through the efforts of NASA/ISRO? Read about your favorite sports or the activity of your interest, so that you remain abreast with whatever is happening in that field. General reading will also help you with your awareness of the current affairs, and also build your confidence. The would-be employers are always looking for candidates who are good in the core studies, at the same time they are aware of their surroundings. The knowledge can be gained by watching informative You Tube channels, Discovery channel, BBC on Earth or National Geography channel. Or, any such channel shown on your TV.
  7. DEVELOP A HOBBY: It’s very important to have a hobby. It not only helps you to distress, but, it also gives you something to excel in since you enjoy the same.
  8. MEDITATE: It’s important to develop the habit of meditation. Be one with yourself at some point of time in the day regularly. This helps you to develop concentration, cleanse your mind of negative thoughts, builds your faith in yourself. You will be able to face failures better.

What are the Benefits?

  1. You will develop a habit of being regular. You will, in turn, meet all your set goals which will lead to success, helping you to reach a step further to be no 1 in your studies.
  2. For every one of us, God gives 24 hours per day. Now it depends on us, with our time management discipline, how much output we get per day. Some of us are generally lazy, we believe in procrastination. (Tomorrow is good enough for me.) These habits have to be shunned. The failure is not because of lack of time, however, it’s due to lack of direction. So set your SMART goals to give your growth a direction and you come out the winners.
  3. You will improve with your Emotional Quotient (EQ). Emotional balance in life is very important to prepare you for facing different situations in your life. EQ is more important than even your IQ (Intelligent Quotient) when it comes to success in your career. So work on it to be the winner.
  4. You are good at studies, you have also participated in sports and other activities in the school and college and excelled in these activities– this gives you the leadership qualities, so essential to be the winners.
  5. Acceptance in the society. All those who are good with studies, EQ, general reading, believe in time management, become socially very acceptable in the society. Everyone likes to deal with a person who is well educated, good with social and emotional learning. This sets you apart from the rest of the society, you are no push-over, and you are the winner.
  6. Employability quotient: The general refrain is that “there are no jobs in the market”. I have been recruiting staff for various fields and I was always short of the required staff due to non-availability of the right fit, i.e., people with above referred qualities and traits. So, develop these traits and see how many more avenues open up for you for your growth in the career. Soft skills along with your core skills improves your employability quotient, tremendously.The benefit – you will be in demand in the job market, always.
  7. Useful Citizen: with these traits, you become very useful citizens of the society. Societies are built on the strength of such pillars who contribute positively to the weave of the fabric of the society and stand out as the beacons for others-so be one.
  8. Leadership qualities develop with the discipline imbibed right from your studentship days. Again, you will lead many a cause of the society.

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The above steps if you follow,

You will grow up strong & not hollow.

Success is measured the way you swim in the deep seas, not the shallow,

Everyone will seek you out as my buddy, in the time of crisis- my fellow!

It’s a great feel,

If you deal,

With the stressors, in time of need,

Face it,

Accept it,

If not able to remove, let it be,

Are some of the methods you can steel (yourself),

To be the ultimate winner, that’s the deal!

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V. N. Kashyap

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