6  Ways to Achieve Success in Maths and Score High:

6 best ways in teaching maths and score high
6 best ways in teaching maths and score high
Everyone  wants their kids to get success in maths for which  knowing the best ways is important.  Mostly, we all focus on a test oriented approach. When tests come around the corner, not only it is stressful for the teachers, but in the last two days the parents sit the whole day with their kids and till late nights.  It is important to understand that the students need to be taught the right way and  following the discipline leads to the best results in the tests. These are 6 ways in teaching maths, when followed can make your classes the best and students can understand and score highly.

1. Develop the positive attitude for Success in Maths

It is important to talk that everyone can be good at maths if they work hard. Its about developing their growth mindset. Kids need to motivated to practice everyday rather than doing only around the tests.

best maths teaching
Best maths teaching

2. Planning for teaching and Practice Maths

In most of the schools, the calender for the concepts and their respective tests are shared with the parents during the start of the academic year. As a teacher or parent, we need to start working on concepts and keep revising by practicing everyday.Several teachers we know use our Winaum Maplemaths learning program everyday to teach and practice important math skills.

3. Continuous Tests to Score High

One needs to take tests or assessments formative and subjective again and again. The teaching instruction given to the child has to be checked with the child in different ways. The teaching plan and tests have to integrated and not kept separately.

4. Individual Attention is Key

Most of the classrooms have students 30 or above in the classroom. We need to understand that every child is unique and everyone may have a different doubts. Hence, checking their level of understanding in the class for all the children is really important. One can go faster or slower in pace depending  upon the understanding of concepts by everyone. Making smaller groups of children while teaching can also help.

5.Practical way of Doing Maths

Maths go beyond memorising maths formulaes. Children need to have deeper understanding of the concepts for a strong maths foundation.Before offering formulaes, ask them to solve the maths problem their way. And then teaching them correct solutions help their develop their brain.

Maths Games
Practical approach to Maths

6. Incentivisation

Students love to get rewards in the form points, recognition, badges when they do well. It gives them confidence and motivates them to higher level in the subject.

Winning Maths Olympiad IMC
Winning Maths Olympiad IMC


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