Exams are around the corner. Manjusha Sehra, founder of Winaum Learning and Maplemaths program has the following tips to students which holds good not just for Maths Exam but all the exams at any level.

  1. Time Management.
  2. When exams are  approaching, time management is most important. Hence, one should set up time table for study. One needs to plan the study time as per the no of holidays one has before every exam and start preparation accordingly.
  3. Chapters that have more weightage should be revised first in the holidays.
  4. Study Space at home should neat and clean. It should have enough light and comfortable chair and table. The computer games and mobile games should not be near to the kids.
  5. Family members along with teachers act a strongest support system for the student. Be with them to help them organize wherever needed. Assisting them in listening to answers to questions or making /arranging sample test really helps them.
  6. Taking break while studying really helps. One should not study 24 hours a day. Studying without break actually lowers retention of knowledge.
  7. Avoid unhealthy food and drink lot of water.
  8. Solving previous year sample papers will give you greater confidence. Simulate the environment at home for the exam and attempt the sample paper made at home or with help of teacher regularly, and in the allotted time duration of exam. This will help in finding out mistakes which can be improved upon.
  9. Many a time one tends not do NCERT Book but focus the reference book. One should understand that NCERT Book has to be completed and is equally important like reference books.
  10. Read the question paper first and categories the questions into Simple and Difficult.
  11. Incase, you do not know answer to the question, we should not leave it . it will be wise attempt it.
  12. Doing easier questions first will give you confidence for the entire exam.

All the Best to Everyone !


Manjusha Sehra

Manjusha Sehra

Founder of Winaum Learning

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