Winaum Maplemaths offers the following Benefits

  • Mental Maths Skills
  • Time saving Skills
  • Increases the Speed of Calculations
  • Higher scoring in school exams
  • Higher ranks in Maths Olympiads
  • Individualized Attention

Maplemaths Gurgaon Centers

Maplemaths Center

Maplemaths Center in Sector 22a Gurgaon

Anu Bhama (Sec10 )

Anu a certified Maplemaths Teacher,has passion for teaching children and is focused

Maplemaths Center (Palam Vihar)

Maplemaths Classes are taken here by Ms Deepti Rastogi.

Maplemaths Center (South City Phase1)

Maplemaths Classe are run at Play School Tiny Hands Gurgaon

Maplemaths FAQ

The Maplemaths program is of 1 year duration . The program is divided into four levels. Each Level being of three months.

Students at Maplemaths classes are taught in small batch sizes. Each and every child is given personal attention to ensure their conceptual understanding and clearing of doubts.

Students are continuously assessed and their progress report is shared with the parents. The students appear for many practice tests and they undergo formal assessments at the end of every 3 months.

  • Maple Maths helps children do well in school maths and also score high ranks in maths olympiads.
  • It helps in fast calculations as it has short cut methods and tricks. 
  • These methods in turn help children become competitive and help in math competition and school olympiads.
  • Activities and games in the program give them experiential learning and they learn by doing and having fun.
  • It also reinforces the methods of calculations taught in the school and thereby complements with school maths.