Winaum Learning Team won Robotic InterSchool League Zonal Competition

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Students at Winaum Learning Maths program win Robotic Competition

Students of Winaum Learning win Robotics Competition, thereby makeing a mark at Robotic Competition in Delhi.
Winaum Learning Teams both Junior Team and Middle Team won the Zonal Robotic Competition. Junior Team won the Gold Medal at the Maurya School and Middle Team won 3rd position at Bal Bharti Public School, Dwarka, New Delhi. Sharing the moments. Thanks for trusting us and your support!

About Winaum Learning

Winaum Learning offers an educational platform for kids for developing their  skills in Maths via (Curriculum program-Grow with Maths and Vedic Maths ), Handwriting, and English grammar. It offers kids online live classes and offline sessions done in small batches through its trained and expert teachers. It organizes competitions also for maths-IMC  and handwriting- IHC. Know more by signing up for a trial class.

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