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Why Maths is Important?

Let us understand why is maths important for all of us. Mathematics develops our brain logically. A systematic way of working is considered the foundation of success. It is found everywhere. It is an invaluable skillset required for surviving in this world. Studying mathematics is not crucial only for people interested in maths and science but for all, whether it’s business ownership, architecture, real estate, insurance, accounting, consulting, Entrepreneurship, Event Planning & Hospitality, Finance, or Human Resources. Let’s find out below:-

Understanding Numbers Develops Brain

Arithmetic and Number Crunching is good for brain development. It creates connections between the nerve cells in our neural pathways. The neuron is the basic building block of the brain and central nervous system.


Understanding and studying mathematics can develop systematic thinking, problem solving, patterns recognition. According to Michael Merzenich in his book, “Brain can change itself, practicing a new habit under the right conditions can change hundreds of millions and possibly billions of the connections between the nerve cells in our neural pathways.” 

The more we study maths the more it helps in brain development.

Understanding Problems and Solving in Systematic Way

Maths helps in developing the student’s ability to understand problems and solve them in systematic ways. Maths develop the ability to to think critically and creatively. It helps to organize the thought processes and move towards the logical solution.

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Mathematics helps in Economics

 Micro economics deals with the consumer and producer behaviours. It focuses on allocating resources and interacting with the two parties. Parts of mathematics having algebra and linear equations helps in solving problems in productions, costs, market equilibrium.

On the other hand, Macroeconomics has concepts on national income and GDP, Net Exports and Imports, Fiscal Deficit, Trade Deficit. The calculations to be done in all the concepts has maths in them. It is only through an understanding of numbers and calculations that one can understand the above concepts and their application in real life.

Macroeconomics contains most of the large-scale factors such as the calculation of national income, GDP of a country, financial economics, etc. It is the most practical part of economics as all the economic policies, economic issues, and business economics are part of macroeconomics only. Not only national income but international economics too is largely a part of macroeconomics. net export/import that a nation is doing, fiscal deficit, trade deficit, national income.


Number Crunching In Engineering

For solving Circuit Equations, Maths play a very important role. Concepts of calculus, triple integrals and integration for closed surface of electromagnetic theory again have concepts of math in it. Circuit theory and signal processing use Linear Algebra . Use of Laplace and Fourier transforms equations which is related to linear algebra in circuit theory and signal processing. Sinusoidal excited circuits (AC) equations and Power system load flow problem has use of Number Algebra. So clear calculations and number crunching is very useful in Engineering.

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Calculations in the Kitchen

The three important mathematics concepts used in the kitchen are – measurements, conversions and timings. Suppose you are making Maggie at home. Using the right amount of water, putting the right amount of ingredients like the spices it has and  then boiling the water of 2-3 minutes as is advised has all calculations in it. Excess time will make it poor in taste and giving a lesser time in boiling shall keep it partly cooked. Hence the right amount heating is as important as the right amount of ingredients to make it. Then suppose you are making for a larger family then proportionately you have to increase the ingredients, the water and the time of boiling.

A simple Maggie has got so much of calculations in it , it implies that all the different types of food we eat , undergoes a great mathematical mind of the chef in the kitchen.


We have discussed above why mathematics is important for us. Maths is all around us. It keeps the brain active, healthy and is important for its overall brain development. It makes us systematic and is everything we do. All the career choices have maths. It is there in finance, science and everyday life. 

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