4 Reasons Kids Struggle With Maths and How We Can Help 

It is really important to understand the reason behind why kids struggle with maths as Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, division, fractions, equations are not difficult to do. But many children have maths fear. Let us understand what is the reason behind and how we can address the problem?

  1. Concepts not revised during classroom sessions

The concepts done in the class should be revised on a regular basis. The concepts in maths are generally linked to one another. If at the start of the concept, the child has not understood well. Then he would struggle every time in the next class. For example, if multiplication is not understood well. Then any questions related to it algebra will be difficult for the student to do.

reasons kids struggle in maths and how we can help them
  1. Maths terminology is not clear:

Its important for the children to understand the meaning of the concept terms like HCF,LCM, factors. If the terms are not understood well, children will keep memorizing it and keep on forgetting after some time. The students need to be familiarised with the terms.

reasons kids struggle in maths and how we can help them with terminologies
  1. Not Practicing Every Day

Many students start their practice when the exams are approaching. Rather it has to happen every day. Even when the exams are not there. Students need to revise the concepts and their questions on regular basis.

reasons kids struggle in maths and how we can help them with practice
  1. Students don’t practice Mock Tests.

Remember every school does preboard exams just before the board exams in India. This gives the students reality check of the students academic level. Accordingly children can learn from the mistakes and improvise in the next exam.
Students in every class before any test should be given sample tests at home for practice. Making mistakes here, they would improvise for the final test.

reasons kids struggle in maths and how we can help them with mock tests


After understanding the reasons why kids struggle in maths, we now know that keep the above points in mind and following with the daily practices will building a deep understanding of maths. 

Winaum Learning in its Maplemaths Program follows a very simple guided methodology to build a strong mathematics foundation for students to learn the concepts with continuous revision sessions. Through our online classes, we try to build the skills that are required to perform better. There are different terminologies used in maths that are explained to the children in-depth for greater understanding. With daily practice and maths tests, the revision of students is a continuous process and students score higher in maths exams and olympiads.