Idea Behind IHC

System of education in India faces a lot of challenges when it comes to handwriting development amongst children. Every second or a third child in the class faces the problem of illegibility and thereby has lower confidence in school. It has also been seen that poor handwriting often leads to lower academic scores.

Written tests and exams  form the most important part of the evaluation system in the schools. And with digitisation, the problems of handwriting has increased even more.Although there have been some welcome changes in the schooling system, but a lot more needs to be done.

With this idea of change being our driving force, we conduct IHC to encourage good handwriting skills amongs our young learners.

Vision of IHC

IHC (Inter School Handwriting Contest) is a platform for students, teachers and schools to learn the good handwriting skills and motivate all the stakeholders in education to develop a strong foundation of handwriting for children.  Handwriting is a life skill, the contest motivates the students to learn the techniques of handwriting and develop a natural style ultimately. The contest is for participants from Class 1st to Class 8th in three categories:- Junior, Middle and Senior. It not only recognizes the students having good handwriting but also the teachers and educational institutions who encourage and motivate students for the same.

The first step in this direction is training. Hence students are trained through workshops in schools and then their skills are recognized with awards and prizes as part of the IHC ,the Inter-School Handwriting Contest of Winaum Learning.

The current focus of this competition is to establish itself one of the biggest handwriting competition in India and in the long run to other nations as well.